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Thread: Newbie Guide?

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    Newbie Guide?

    Good Morning All,

    First, what a great site! I've been reading and learning and being amazed at the list of thingamajigs that everyone has gotten over the internet. I have a zillion Q's of course, but cannot seem to locate a FAQ ... is there one? If somebody can point me toward one that would be great. If there isn't one, these are my questions...

    1. Your abbreviations for sites, NT, YFG, etc., what do they mean? I figured nuitech and your free gift, but the others escape me.
    2. Is there a list of good/bad sites? Places that are great and places to avoid at all costs?
    3. Requirements for offers? I gather on each site you can find the terms and conditions, requirements, etc., but what do you mean by referrals? Is that where you have to do offers AND get a referral to complete them as well?
    4. A method for this madness? I suppose it's hard to keep track of the 18 things you do for a TV ... how do you do it? Just with a list and a calendar to call and cancel, etc.?

    I'm prepared to take on the system, I'm going to be building a home in the next year and I'd love to get going on some things, the more I can get for "free" the better of course.

    Oh, and 5 - what about repeating offers? I know one site I was at said you can't use more than one Discover Card application (fine w/me). If you're doing a couple things that take 18 offers there's only going to be so much you want to do.

    Thank you a million times over in advance for any answers or links to Newbie Q's. :o

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    Re: Newbie Guide?

    1: AFG = Any Free Gift, BW = Big Win, EFG = Every Free Gift, CSC = Consumer Saving Center, FGW = Free Gift World, YGC = Your Gift Cards, RV = Rewards Venue. There are others but this should be good enough.

    2: For this information go to freeipodguide.com and talk to people on their forum section.

    3: Some sites make you have a referral along with offers (But your referral must also complete the offers), but a lot of sites don't require that. Just read the terms and conditions at the bottom of each offer site to know what you have to do to get the gift.

    4) Print off all the pages where you put in important information and when you get a receipt. Also, do an excel spreadsheet with all the offers and include at least the date signed up, cost to sign up, contact phone number, user and password, and anything else you think might be helpful.

    The 18 offer items you will not acutally get for FREE, because some of the offers require you to pay before you get approved. You might spend anywhere from $300 to $500 to get a plasma, which is not bad!! Also, start on the last offer page first, because they are the HARDEST due to the fact taht they provide less offers and you normally have to pay more. So if you can complete the last offer page then you should have no problem with the rest. Good LUCK!!!!

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    Re: Newbie Guide?

    Rock on! :D

    Thank you so much for that information. It's an involved process but seems to work if you're dedicated I guess.

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    Re: Newbie Guide?

    So, I've made my first attempts with:

    ipodsweepstakes.com, just happily pointing and clicking earning "points"

    everyfreegift.com - going for the XBox 360, 5 offers, 2 as "pending" 3 as "in progress"

    yourtopbrands - going for the $500 BB cert, have 1 of three as "completed" other two as "reports w/in 24 hours"

    So, I'm going to see how I do w/these before I jump into the big dogs of TV's and $1-2K rewards.

    I use Mozilla to surf normally w/all security in place and for these "offers" I'm using IE w/all cookies accepted. Using a new yahoo email addy, can't wait to see how much sp*m I get in it now!!

    I guess patience really is a virtue.

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