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    YouTubeMailer scam or not?

    I have seen alot of advertisement for YouTubeMailer and wonder if anyone has had a bad experience with this or not. It seems to be a safelist.

    Here is some of the info in the FAQ on YouTubeMailer:
    "Q: How many people does YouTubeMailer submit to daily ?
    A: At the time that the double opt-in leads were loaded into the database, there were 2,749,202,381 active leads. As time goes by people have the option to unsubscribe. It is projected, because of the volume of mail that our system sends, that we will experience an unsubscribe rate of up to 1% daily. This comes to a maximum unsubscribe rate of 30% per month. However our system is reloaded every 30 days to bring the numbers back up to a minimum of two billion. "

    Anyone have more info?

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    Re: YouTubeMailer scam or not?

    I do not know anything about them, but I have one thought.

    If they reload unsubscribed e-mails back into system, does not it make them criminally responsible for their spam? And also this is lesson to everybody who unsubscribes to spam. It is pointless. Just get e-mail with anti-spam filter build-in.

    Their Address is Post Box. I guess they do not want to be found.

    You also probably will not find any replies. They are two weeks old.
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    Re: YouTubeMailer scam or not?

    I sent an email to YouTubeMailer asking what typical results should be since my results were very low (1 to 2 clicks). I knew this because I used an ad tracker. Here is what they said:
    "Results will vary greatly. I noticed a drop in response shortly after membership was expanding and immediately added thousands of dollars in new, hopefully better responsive leads. I will be doing the same very soon as well.

    Typical results for the average internet marketer for email campaigns is 50 a day. They spend about 2 hours to get that. They use a variety of networks to get that. No one thing is going to get you there.

    When I can, I email to about 12 to 15 networks. I'll spend from 1/2 hour to sometimes close to 4 hours. I may get a low of 17 hits to a high of 300 hits.
    It depends on so many things.

    I hope this helps."

    I don't think it is worth spending even 5 minutes to go to the trouble to send out an ad in YouTubeMailer if you get one to two clicks.

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    Re: YouTubeMailer scam or not?

    At least you got two clicks. After I noticed that my reseller page had been hijacked and paid the entire $20 amount to a pleasant enough girl in Texas, my complaints netted me a personal attack.
    YouTubeMailer and Global Corp International / GCI, LLC. are to be avoided, as are any affiliated networks.

    I've posted the correspondence between myself and YouTubeMailer at http://MagneticPortal.com/Matt_Wells.txt

    I hope this helps.

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    Re: YouTubeMailer scam or not?

    Wow! Good to catch it a.s.a.p. That sucks!

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