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    Hi All! I'm new with a question.

    Have any of you had any experience with More Than Traffic? I got an email promoting it so I checked it out. It's one of those 'sounds too good to be true' things but I thought I'd post here to see if anyone else has come across it.


    Oh btw..I have a link to this site on my website. :-) I hope that's ok.


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    Re: Hi All! I'm new with a question.


    There is a thread on this site re MTT with 61 pages of posts:


    MTT IS A SCAM...

    Don't part with your money, don't promote it and don't expect any traffic and/or commission if you do.

    You have been warned.



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    Re: Hi All! I'm new with a question.

    I found the thread. Thanks! :)

    I wasn't going to part with any money. I always check things out before I sign on the dotted line. I knew there would be info here so that's why I asked about it.

    How do people get away with this stuff??


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    Re: Hi All! I'm new with a question.

    Oops! My sister signed up here too and I didn't see that I was posting under her username. How did that happen?? She registered on Monday!

    Sorry about that!


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    Re: Hi All! I'm new with a question.

    Good, because I thought maybe Rache was drunk or something... :D

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