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    Morethantraffic.com IS A SCAM!!

    I lost over $1,000.00 :mad:
    Do not be fooled.
    They rip everyone off.
    I unaware when I was promoting this website scam on ebay..3 people signed up and were also ripped off!! :mad:

    This has got to be the most pro scam on the net. :mad:
    if you go to www.morethantraffic.com you will see it appears as a very pro site..they feed you that you will soon be making lots of money..as soon as they get there servers up and running again..this never happens..they reported a spam attack may of this year...if you go to www.alexa.com type in the www.morethantraffic.com name and check there traffic for the month of may..they actually were pulling there servers..and getting ready to shut down..and take everyone who signed up with them there hard earned money!!
    Thats when they drop almost completly off the www.alexa.com traffic data sheet.
    go for yourself and check this out.
    Don't get ripped off!!
    www.morethantraffic.com :mad: sucks!!
    Now if you want to know of a company that is NOT a scam Check this company out!!
    I have made over $7K part time in just 1 year.

    Earn more with ReferBack, your Affiliate Program Partners

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    Not only are you guaranteed of fantastic returns on minimal effort, you also get unsurpassed service and support, which in turn ensures ongoing and long-term business. We also implement and manage personalized Affiliate Program Systems for Webmasters and provide support via advertising and e-mail campaigns. So, simply go to http://www.referback.com/index.asp?s=aff86904 if you're looking to earn some serious revenue Referback is the solution.
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    Re: Morethantraffic.com IS A SCAM!!

    Hi Bill

    There is an enormous thread on MTT on this website.


    Yes you're right MTT is a scam.

    However I don't think that you are allowed to promote your business ops when posting.



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    Re: Morethantraffic.com IS A SCAM!!

    Bill, do not post your affiliate links on this site, that will get you Banned!!!!! Plus the referback.com website is also a SCAM!!! There are at least 5 other websites I found with the exact same address!! Nice Try

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