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    Whispering wind Guest

    Lets take back our world !

    I need everyone's voice. Because we all need to get busy. NOW. We've let the lying elitist bastards get a hold of the car keys. And if we don't act, they will run off the road and kill all of us.

    We have the internet, and we have our smarts, and we have each other. We know they are lying. All we have to do is spread the truth, and stick together. The only way to fail is to do what we've been doing, which is doing nothing. Start telling any and all that there's a growing movement of people who intend to take their government back. We are that movement. Don't look for anyone else to start it. No one else is brave enough to start it, so we have to.

    We begin now by starting this rumor. Telephone, telegraph, tell everyone you know. Use your E-mail.

    "There's a rapidly growing movement among the people to take their governments back from the lying people in charge."

    This talk of "what can I do, I am just one person" has been covered by Alex
    Jones talking to Jeff Rense, they too see this about people and discuss it with
    tens of thousands of listeners all listening to them discussing it - I don't think
    it even makes much difference telling people that - people like Alex Jones also
    is just ONE person and he has "woken up" everyone you can imagine, from the
    hundreds of thousands of people doing average jobs or without a job at all even,
    just access to a radio, all the way to people in Hollywood like Charlie Sheen. The
    thing is, I might go on about Alex Jones all the time but he is unique! Who else
    could have someone like Charlie Sheen contacting him asking him if he can go
    on the show? Who else has woken up people over the last 15 years like he has?
    Hmmmm, but he is "just one person" though, its just that you'll never ever hear
    him say that because it is to just throw away what you've got to say that. Its like
    saying you've lost before the game has even started.

    Gotta look at the way the elite SEPERATE us all and DIVIDE us all and theres
    your answer - anything they do incessantly like that points towards the fact
    that if we all got off our arses, took off the rose tinted glasses and dealt with
    reality, the elite wouldn't last one second against that sort of spirit. They crush
    our spirits, everywhere you look you have to struggle like hell to get anywhere,
    but the whole struggle and notion of it is fake and pointless. You could spend 6
    years at University and what have you learnt when you leave? Maybe a lot about
    a particular subject but come on I mean what have you LEARNT? Nothing! Just
    nothing whatsoever about what actually matters! Any Professor teaching about
    the evils of the elite would end up in jail, FFS thats exactly what DOES happen
    to those people, but if every "man on the street" were to wake up, the elite
    would suddenly become the sheep, the blind, because they have hearts of
    stone and try to make the whole world that way, but normal everyday people
    have hearts of gold, thats why they never get anywhere in life, but then, that
    is only the FAKE perceived notion of "getting somewhere" in other words to
    get somewhere you should be selfish? Another thing to divide and rule people,
    if everyone is individualistic and selfish, looking after #1, then we never would
    get together would we? This is something these elites have known for centuries.
    They even put it on the one dollar bill and we just pass it off as nothing, its OK
    its just a pyramid with an eye at the top and a tiny portion of it seperated from
    the other 99.5% of it, its OK that doesn't MEAN anything, lets go back to sleep
    and ignore it. What, the symbol goes back centuries? Oh well never mind, lets
    go back to sleep and ignore it.

    In my opinion, to look after #1 is for each person to look after everyone else,
    not themselves. Imagine if everyone did this, YOU yourself would benefit 1000
    times more than if you're there struggling like hell. Then you can argue, if you're
    trying to look after 1000 people, how do you benefit? Because you have everyone
    else doing the same thing. All the money at the moment is funneled to one single
    organisation that is literally killing us all. Whichever way you look at that, even with
    a political bias, its still wrong.

    People are gradually realising, hang on, it really wouldn't decend into chaos if we just
    scrapped the Government, bacause it IS chaos right now with them in charge of us!
    That IS whats causing the chaos, not everyday people! All everyday people ever do
    is work hard their whole life to have their pension robbed from them by their Government,
    I should know, it happened to my own grandfather not long before he died in hospital from
    the hospital not cleaning the beds properly so all in all, theres a guy who 1 - Fought in WW2
    and got through it alive, 2 - Worked hard all his life and like most people, had **** ALL to
    show for his 50 years hard work, 3 - Had his pension robbed to pay for a home to go into
    where people with no money get it FREE and 4 - Was killed in hospital from an infection
    you can only catch in hospitals because the hospital did not clean the beds properly.
    So in all four cases there it is the Government to blame in every ****ing case! THEY
    sent people into WW2, THEY tax people their whole lives and give nothing in return,
    THEY rob peoples pensions and THEY are responsible for the National Health Service.


    Oh wouldn't it be unbearable without that level of care and attention!

    In WW2 on "days off" like Christmas, the Germans played football with the English,
    that in itself just shows you that it is not the people's fault they are there in the middle
    of a war and also shows, no matter how much Churchill or Hitler pushes them into it,
    they are simply not designed to be doing that, killing each other and invading each
    other, but this all goes back round again to what bfdl said in the very beginning, it
    really is our fault for never questioning things like "why is Roosevelt/Hitler/Churchill
    even sending me into this war?" and never realising we don't just have to do what
    everyone else does all the time. It isn't cool to wear rose tinted glasses, for me it is
    cool to break away, to be a mis-fit, thats whats cool.

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    Whispering wind Guest

    Re: Lets take back our world !

    The "elite" are far too arrogant to win. They are winning right now
    but making it all too obvious that we do not matter to them.
    trick is realising we have never needed these f**king parasites
    in the first place.
    What have they given anyone apart from a load
    of wars no one wanted and continual misery?

    All the people asking for an independent investigation into 911
    have to realise,
    we the people already are carrying out that
    very investigation, thousands of people are looking into it and
    of those thousands,
    dozens of them are experts like Professor
    Fetzer, Professor Stephen E Jones, they have their proof, then
    theres clips like Larry Silverstein we can all watch and deduce
    from it what you will, it is quite clear now, there are hundreds
    of pieces of evidence now.

    All that "enemy combatant" trash in HR-6616... well wasn't it
    Rumsfeld and Co
    who helped to fund Saddam Hussein? Therefore
    Rumsfeld for starters, is an "enemy combatant". Who is more of
    a clear case than him?

    Look at how Bush and Co are trashing the constitution. Isn't that
    very action in itself NOT showing an allegience to the USA? Of
    course it is!
    If Bush was jailed using his very own HR-6616 I would
    personally throw a party, no, a festival and I don't even live in the

    my only regret is not waking up sooner than I did about 3 or 4 years
    I think some people simply cannot wake up - it might take 50 or
    100 years for those people to get old and die but they will be replaced
    people more educated on these things. Where parents ignore reality,
    just as in my very own family, I will not ignore it, whether I wear rose tinted
    glasses or not does not get in the way, it never has with me except I just never
    woke up to it thats all. It wasn't a case of handling it or not handling it, just a
    case of "not awake yet" but I am now, oooooooooooooooh I am now!

    This is what I propose we do about our current crisis. First of all, remind yourself everyday that you are not alone and that you do, in fact, matter. Telling
    ourselves that we are ttoo insignificant to make a difference is the kind of thinking that keeps us on the couch. We have power, and we out number those who would have us stay powerless,

    There has been much anguished and emotional debate over Democrats/liberals vs. Republicans/conservatives. If those in power don't rig the system,
    then I think the November U.S. elections will at least balence the congress so that we will have more of a check on the execurive branch. All of those in the U.S. will need to vote. People the world over have died pursuing this ideal that Americans are so negligent of, no wonder our country has one foot in the ****ter.

    My idea is not for this election, but the one two years from now. I say if you are vorting Dem or Rep,
    you are really just voting for the same politicians who are wearing different hats. Screw them both.. We need to toss them all out. Let the constitution guide us.
    "A government of the people, by the people." Can you just imagine the mayhem that would create? The look on their faces alone would make it worth doing.
    In a day and age where people becone famous after four days of google video
    for doing sdomething banal and stupid, why can't it happen for something worthwhile? Think on that, brainstorm it. It's within the realm of possibility.

    For those not having seen it, the dutch interview with british author John LeCarre
    is nothing short of extraordinary. As a former spy his views are extremely well qualified
    and his verbage is very clear. No rhetoroiic (well, a little, but it's actually proper rhetoric, so you may not recognize it from the current kind)
    An amazing patch of truth.
    Watch it.
    And then send the link to anyone claiming to be a christian. Of all the folks lied too, the poor religious right were hoodwinked the worst.

    And remember: Everyone counts who participates.

    The most common thing people seem to say is "what can I do, I am just
    one person".
    Well, isn't Alex Jones, Martin Luther King, Ghandi,
    arn't THEY all "one person" too? You never hear them say
    "what can I do" and thats the difference. We do create our own reality. If you
    you're useless then you ARE useless, just because you think that way,
    all that can change literally overnight if you choose to change it.

    People never realise, if there is some shady Government above them,
    the exact thing they would want you to say "what can I do, I am
    one person" and isn't it fair to say that if MOST people all say that
    then instead of a mass of people who can do something about it, we
    have a mass of people who diliberately put themselves down
    and do nothing about it?


    yep that is whats needed
    out of the box thinking to wake people up

    various problems we face but the biggest is the fact that the secret services have always worked on the margins.

    A close look at the 911 truth movment especialy in the states proves this to me.

    However a new begining is always a time of hope and with faith a few good people can make big changes over time. Each conscious person can help the process enormously. Let us set aside our differences, Give it voice. Stand fearlessly and call out to others, saying, "I, too, have seen the dream. I, too, speak from the authority of that vision, and I say, ‘Sir, Madam, blessing and peace. We want our people back — every man, woman, and child. We want them and we want them now!, becaurse at one point we must take a stand . It only takes one Ghandi. It only takes on man or women to put on foot on the otherside of this emotional line and say to the system, its over we are taking back our planet, You're finished! ’"

    And thats what we are going to do.

    "Don't you know, talkin' about a Revolution sounds . . .

    . . . like a whisper."

    To set things right we don't need violence, or force or chaos and riots. It all starts with a whisper. Serene, quiet, peacefull, and at the same time, impassioned, steadfast, and determined.

    It's an awesome way to kick ass. Lifts my spirit to think of it.

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    Re: Lets take back our world !

    I hate it that you're right.

    "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do." ~Edward Everett Hale

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    Re: Lets take back our world !

    When the berlin wall came down it was just a rumor which got all the people together on the night.Riots have been started by mobile text.
    The majority of people dont seem to stand up to the govt. until they have nothing left to lose.
    Janice Joplin:Freedom is just another word for nothin left to lose.

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    Re: Lets take back our world !

    And thats what we are going to do.

    "Don't you know, talkin' about a Revolution sounds . . .

    . . . like a whisper."

    To set things right we don't need violence, or force or chaos and riots. It all starts with a whisper. Serene, quiet, peacefull, and at the same time, impassioned, steadfast, and determined.

    It's an awesome way to kick ass. Lifts my spirit to think of it.

    W for Whispering…;-) …

    I do feel it’s a fine way of making a chain...one by one by one by one by... with a whisper. And I do like this way of “kicking ass”. Its wilde and lovingJ

    During one aya journey in March 04 in Brazil I experienced that the future is very bright. And very light. There is nothing to be scared of. I saw some events about Bush and Saddam. All this about Bush and the world that are fighting…. its really nothing to be scared of.
    I was told, that “the Bush thing” will "eat it self up from within". It will fall.
    There are lighter times ahead. We are going towards lighter times.
    The future is very bright and light. We live in times with positive posibilities.
    We must not become afraid….because there is nothing to be afraid of.

    I agree though its importand to become and behave awake, alert and “warriorlike” and make own questions and answers to what is served to us through the media and goverments….and not only in the States. This entrapment of humans happens all over the globe during these times. But it will not last forever...because we can change events...one by one by one by.....whispering....

    And God is taking good care of us all…from A to B and through to W. God is greater than all wizards, Bush’es, bin Ladens, Blairs and “reptiles” in the whole universe. God knows of all this fighting between lightness and darkness…and loves everyone. So lets be on Gods side….the warm and loving…..and start to quietly whisper.

    We can also give a hug, when we whisper to the one next to us.
    This fine video shows how:

    And maybe one day a loving hug will reach Bush;-) He needs it. Saddam too. Love is the only power that “beats” anything. Love is the strongest power that is. There is nothing to be afraid of. So let's wake up from this "zombie sleeping". And get up and start whispering silently!

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