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    Re: LegitOnlineJobs - typing ads for companies???

    DO NOT SIGN UP!!!!
    I did and I regret it sooo much I signed up
    All it is, is a list of free to join websites you
    could just google and find and a few other
    bullshit stuff!!!!! It's a big scam.
    So what ever anyone tells you they are not
    legit. I have opened a despute with trust guard
    To try to get a refund from legitonlinejobs or
    trust guard terminate there vertifing service with
    legitonlinejobs until I get a refund and I'm trying
    to get this message out to all I can and trying
    to get legitonlinejobs closed down for scamming

    Be Careful
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    Re: legitonlinejobs

    If you only get paid for the sale made from that ad only what is the point of working with them. I would not waste my time there as you will be doing a lot of work with no pay.

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