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    i think i found it

    ok pretty much everything i tried turned out to be a scam and to be honest with you i think i shouold just stick to my day job that actually pays my bills and my internet investing losses but if you guys can tell me about the fsc stores that will be great i signed up got an online store and i don't know where to go from there check it out and tell me the truth please i don't wanna go down a path that will cost me yet an other fortune . the site is .... http://loubna.freestoreclub.com
    or http://loubna.fscstore.com
    if this is also a scam i guess i should just donate my computer and stick to selling insurance .

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    Re: i think i found it

    You know that you are posting your affiliate link that is not allowed.

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    Johnny Angel Guest

    Re: i think i found it

    maybe you should stick to asking 'do you want fries with that' rather than pathetically trying to scam people with IQs 4 x yours.

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    Re: i think i found it

    hmmm...donate your computer? I know alot of kids who do not have the luxury of a home computer...perhaps????..

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