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    be ranked number 1, is this a scam?

    Has anyone heard of this company, that claims to be able to get you a page 1 rank in the search engines in 1-7 days?, it's called be ranked number one. :cool:

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    Re: be ranked number 1, is this a scam?

    As Google has changed it's rules about page ranking,
    as well as Yahoo and MSN, it probably is out-of-date
    if anything.

    Even the SEO programs that are tried and true may
    not work as well after the changes have been made.

    Try this link:

    There are so many techniques available to improve
    page ranking: inbound links, keyword optimization,
    article submission, blogs, etc.

    What I've found that works is a combination of all,
    but by all means, DO NOT link your site to websites
    that have link farms.

    And make sure that your keywords match your content.
    The better the match, the better chance of success.

    One question I have is: Is your desire for better page
    ranking in order to get more visitors to your site?
    There are also other ways, depending on what your
    target audience is.

    If you'd like more help, feel free to contact me.



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    Re: be ranked number 1, is this a scam?

    Search engines are always changing their algorithm, so no one can guarantee a top position, unless it is for a very rarely searched term

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