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    hello everyone, I'm new to the website. and it look very nice for those people ( Like me) that need information about internet scam. I just find this web site and it look too good to be true. it say that you don't have to spent any money and make more than $100,000 from home :rolleyes: Did you guys know anything about it. Thank you for your information.

    Click here for the web site

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    Re: www.dishopportunity.com

    Being a Dish Network affiliate is not a scam. I don't know that I would join under this particular web site, though. Do a google search "dish network affiliate" and see all the opportunities available.

    Also, don't expect to make much money from this. Although it is technically free to get started, you will probably end up wanting to pay for advertising to your website. This coupled with the fact that the market is saturated with Dish Network affiliates makes this not such a great money maker. But don't let my pessimism sway you. You may get lucky and do really well being an affiliate.

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    Re: www.dishopportunity.com

    the amount you earn will depend on your marketing skills

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    Re: www.dishopportunity.com

    Dishnetwork MAY have a serious scam going on right now similar to the Google Profits & Twitter Profits Scam! I have reported it to Dish Network.

    I went to careerbuilder.com and selected the category "entry level" then I refined my search by adding the location Louisville, KY and the time frame of "the last 24 hours."

    A company popped up claiming to be an advertising opportunity at home position that is an affiliate of dish network. The problem is, their contact info is only this one page website that has all the cheezy makings of a scam. The companies "website" is www.dishprofits.com/index.html

    I talked to executives at Dish Network they say they no nothing about it. Tell everyone you know to watch out. They may just be collecting information, or trying to get people to buy something to get account numbers. The people responsible for the google and twitter scams used a proxy server and to my knowledge have not yet been caught.

    If you give any credit card or other payment information out I would not bother contacting their customer service, simply notify your credit card company to do a charge back or tell your bank that they need to dispute payment on your check!

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