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    FYI Counterfeit Travelers Checks!!

    :mad: FYI:

    Now there is a new "money laundering" scheme addition. Travelers checks. They look soo real. I was contacted by someone with a WAH opportunity to accept checks as payment for their business as an US Pay Agent and then send them the rest Western Union or mail the cash and keep 25%. I received travelers checks 1 day later (from a US address which I thought was strange) in the amount of $ 3,000. Boy did I need that money!! These checks looked real :mad: I called American Express (b/c that's who they were supposedly from) and they told me they were FAKE!!! please beware....

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    Re: FYI Counterfeit Travelers Checks!!

    Fake American Express Travel Checks are pretty popular. There are a lot of places in Europe who won't touch them with a 10 foot, 3 meter, pole. In Amsterdam the only place that will take them are currency exchange places. A lot of merchants don't want to be left high and dry.

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    Re: FYI Counterfeit Travelers Checks!!

    Thanks for the warning!

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