The Weather Channel Steals Idea Of Naming Winter Storms

( - The Weather Channel has announced they will be naming blizzards in the United States, with some news stations claiming anything other than Hurricane Names from NOAA has not been done before ... it has ...

Since 2000, what was then Ontario Weather Service changed to Southern California Weather Authority ... has been naming Winter Storms into Southern California. Now, The Weather Channel is trying to do the same, claiming to be the first organization to do so outside of NOAA's naming scale.

It is pretty appalling that The Weather Channel has decided to go with a smaller Website's idea and claim it their own.

Coincidence or not it existed and they'll be getting a call today about it. Just because my stuff was not seen by a lot of people did not mean it did not exist. Southern California Weather Authority is the best source for anyone living in Southern California ... hands down you will not find a better source for the region.

This article has been put into place for SEO (Google Search Purpose) on the topic so people know where the original came from since you'll likely hear about this so-called "new idea" from CNN or FOX.

The 2012-2013 Official Winter Storm List in Southern California can be viewed by clicking below to the blog. Enjoy.