Hey there -

I'm getting ready to launch a free work-at-home resource, bathrobejobs.com. I'm a freelance writer (full-time) myself, and I basically did a little research for a client a while back for their own site (just links). I've been working on the site for over a year, it pretty much only has telecommuting and freelance job sources that (from what I can tell) are legit.

If anybody has had a bad experience with any company listed, I would love it if you let me know as well. I'll be putting out a press release in a few days.

BTW, I know it's kind of plain, but it is going to (hopefully) be adsense-supported, and I did a word count for the entire site today - it's about 35,000 words long. UGH!

Opinions would be appreciated. Thanks! The site is up now - bathrobejobs.com. Please feel free to email me from the site... Thanks!