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    Cell phone telemarketing

    This doesnt fit under politics but this is the most viewed forum, so best chance to get a response here. I have heard through work associates that in two days telemarketing companies have bought the rights to our cell phones numbers (americans). we will be receiving calls from telemarketers after then WHICH WE WILL BE CHARGED FOR by using our minutes.

    anyone know anything about this?????

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    Re: Cell phone telemarketing

    I have not heard that but I find the whole telemarketing thing obnoxious.If Iwant or need something Ill find it on my own.Best I can say is do as I do with my home phone Dont answer those calls that you dont know.

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    Re: Cell phone telemarketing

    As long as it lists the name as unknown I don't answer!!

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    Re: Cell phone telemarketing

    I consider it an invasion of privacy and would make it a point to avoid any
    product/service of a company who invaded mine!!!!!

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