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    Dav College Jalandhar

    this is true story of prof Behl of DAV colleg jalandhar... who is IT head not because he is competent but just because his father-n-law was senior official there... beggest fraud of his life is that"he opened a computer cmpany and sold computer to his college ..... the quotation was made by him... and passed by him and his father in law.... biggest thing in that was that the qutation was for branded compaque computers but the supplied computers were assembled but @ of branded computers....... the old computers were then auctioned out and that were again purchased by Behl and kept at his home... for teaching tution to college students....
    other nonsences he does are

    ***selling students projects to new students.
    ***not teaching in the college and encourage students to come home for tution
    ***he working as part time with one export company in jalandhar i believe..and cheating them .... he is fooling them with fraud talks.

    there are lots of things which will e updated time to time...but any one of you have anything of such sort kindly come up..

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    Re: Dav College Jalandhar

    You wait two weeks between identical postings, it's still spamming.
    So you got passed over for promotion, blindsided by the old boys network. You took space to vent your spleen, this is not an appropriate use of this forum, but okay;vent,and leave.
    You forgot to leave.

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