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    Re: DirecTV scam - DVR purchase vs. lease rip-off


    I have never heard of them taking anyone to trial. I have heard of other people taking them to trial, and they have usually won against Direct TV.

    It seems that they do not care if you have a contract or not as long as they have something that you signed even if it is 7 years old.

    My suggestion is to take them to small claims court and ask for the maximum in damages. It is usually 2-5,000.

    But before you do this you should file a complaint with the BBB and make a copy of it for the court to be able to refer to.

    This is for the harassing phone calls and the credit damage that they are causing.

    In order to do this you should make good notes of each instance of any conversation that you have had and try to record any conversations, if you can not record them then at least write down the times of day that they call, who is calling, from what number they call and anything else that will help. If you have any paperwork or letters make sure that you have all of them and put them in chronological order for the court.

    This will all help your case and if no one from Direct TV shows up (which has happened) you will probably win by default and they will have to cease from harassing you, plus pay you any punitive damages the court awards you.

    Direct TV is known for hiring third party affiliates to sell their product and many of these affiliates lie and deceive to get the sales commissions.

    Dish Network may be better but they also hire third party affiliates.

    If you do nothing they will eventually get the money from you.

    If you are working full time they can garnish your wages. If they cannot garnish your wages they will file with the state that you are living in and take any state tax refund that you may have due to you each year until it is paid off.

    This is why it is best not to ignore them. It is best to file a harassment charge with your local authorities and take them to small claim court. Just be sure to keep the amount that you are asking for beneath the allowed amount. If it is 2,000 then ask for 2,000 or less.

    The court may only dismiss the amount that they claim that you owe and not give you any money, but in a few cases the judge has awarded harassment compensation to the claimant.

    Direct TV is so large that even a few or hundreds of small claims will probably not deter them from continuing with their thieving ways.

    But, it still will help each individual get them off their backs and phone lines and maybe even get a little compensation.
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    Re: DirecTV scam - DVR purchase vs. lease rip-off

    Kain, I worked in customer service for many years as a manager and while I don't disagree that a lot of times (most of the time) the customer is wrong or is simply trying to argue something that they messed up on to save money on fees/penalties, etc... when it comes to DirecTV they are in their own class... I've had DirecTV since 1996 and generally satisfied with the service, dissatisfied with the cost, but they keep me due to living in other states from my favorite football team (ie: Sunday Ticket). So, I've remained with them, however, their policies/terms, etc you practically need to have an attorney review them before you even sign up, which I think is ridiculous. I've had the same receivers since 1996 and I discontinued service for 1 year in 2004 (receivers are 8 years old at this point)... when I restarted service in 2005-ish, the receivers that were 8 years old (and owned by me) were then under a "lease" from DirecTV... which is completely silly... I'm curious to see when I finally cancel my service in 2012 or so, after 16 years of service if they are going to ask me to return the 16 year old receiver.... I find DirecTV to be a sneaky company that does not reward loyal customers, simply tries to sign up new customers and screw them for 2 years.. (At least they get 2 years out of them).

    Anyway, I think your defense of the contract as being proof that customers are "ignorant" is ridiculous as DirecTV's contract is a bit much for television service.

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    Re: DirecTV scam - DVR purchase vs. lease rip-off

    the best place i've found to check out where people are getting scammed is ** going on to www.ventme.com. The site is pretty entertaining as well.

    Cynthia G.

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