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    Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    I've suffered from an awful disease called Tinea Versicolor since I was about 7 years old. It's a superficial fungal/yeast infection that occurs when naturally occuring yeast on the body begins proliferating. The only sympots are scaly brown or white spots that appear all over your torso, neck and face, but now that I'm in my early 20s it's spread. ALOT.

    So I was doing research on alternative treatments for TV and came across this miracle drug called Tetrasil. The Tetrasil website claims it clears just about every skin disease under the sun with a special combination of Oxygen and Silver (Tetrasilver Tetroxide).

    I've been to dermatalogists who give me one look in five minutes and send me on my way to spend hundreds in prescription treatments for TV that proved to be less resilient than this stupid skin disease. So I ordered Tetrasil (from Ebay on the cheap) to try it out.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered the tube of tetrasil was smaller than a travel-sized lotion I'd bought from Wal-Mart. 14 measly grams of scientific wonder.

    Still, I applied the Tetrasil to my body, hoping I'd get to post a glowing testamonial onto their website in a few days time. But the tetrasil did absolutely nothing.

    The main ingredient in the stuff is jojoba oil, but it's most likely snake oil. All it did was make my face, neck and chest greasy. I was actually so desperate for this to work that I left the house for a whole week looking like a greased idiot. All the while, my TV was silently mocking me.

    Needless to say, I will not be trying that stuff out again.

    Considering how much I've paid over the years to treat my TV, I'm not that upset about the stuff not working. What makes me really upset is how this company obviously preys on people's desperation using pseudo-science all over their website to make claims they cannot possible fulfill. And THEN they have the audacity to charge you $25 bucks plus shipping for an itty bitty tube of complete waste.

    I just wanted to post this so that anyone hoping to be cured from their disease using Tetrasil, or any of their other "miracle creams" (this stuff also goes under herpasil or genasil or something), will save their money.
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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Dear Luvlyblossom

    In response to :
    ' I just wanted to post this so that anyone hoping to be cured from their disease using Tetrasil, or any of their other "miracle creams" (this stuff also goes under herpasil or genasil or something), will save their money.'

    Thank you for your insight. Your commentary has prevented me from buying ' Tetrasil ' as I had previously contemplated. My dad is just experiencing the commencement of an episode of shingles, and the last thing he needs now is the false hope of pain relief that the manufacturers promise on their website.

    They allege: (http://www.myshinglescure.com/?REF=GOA )
    'Within hours of contact, Tetrasil will start giving you relief as it:
    1. Kills the herpes zoster virus under your skin that causes the itching, pain, redness, and blisters
    2. Reduces inflammation
    3. Moisturizes and repairs your skin
    4. Reduces the chance of scarring
    5. Prevents recurrence '

    Whilst I shall advise my dad continue treatment by conventional medicine, I have had considerable benefit from acupuncture over the years, and shall arrange for complimentary treatment from that source (generic ref http://www.acupuncturebydrlee.com/Ac...-Shingles.html). If it can have such a beneficial effect on the effects of shingles, perhaps it could assist in controlling you condition.

    I only registered this ‘temp-user’ just to respond to your excellent mail; it shall become dormant now.

    Best regards


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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    I wish I would of seen this before I made the mistake of purchasing tetrasil. I also have tinea versicolor and, have tried everything under the sun to cure it. I came upon the website tetrasil and for some reason fell for it. I used it as directed to a T and it didnt work at all. I still have Tinea to the max.

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Hi, must say, that in my case I disagree with you. I bought some for a friend suffering from Shingles and his condition improved within 48 hours. After this when I suffered a rare (thankfully) herpes outbreak I bought some for my own use, as I try to avoid things like zovirax. My lips stayed soft and moisturised and the sore didn't blow up like it can do, it went down and I was left without a scar. Guess it works for some and not for others, but for me it did.

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    yes ok i was scammed as well i bought 3 tubes, and am 1 1/2 weeks in with no results, if anything its giving me acne on my back because its so oily, i thought i would do a quick google and bam now i find this scam site with other people suffering same scam, pisses me off ive had this since i was 12, now tell me this people can anyone post any treatment they've had which has successfully helped (not specifically cured) their TV symptoms. Please post what treatments helped no matter how weird/doctor etc


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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam


    I've heard that a friend of a friend cured his by getting so desperate that he ate a retarded amount of green leafy vegetables. So much, in fact, that his body pH changed drastically and the fungus simply could not survive. I have half heartedly tried this and did not notice any effect. Worse case scenario is you become more alkaline and a little healthier for a couple weeks.

    I've heard a friend who met someone that cured his TV by -brace yourself- drenching himself with his own urine each night before going to bed(letting it dry on his skin before laying down). I also tried this but it has a huge downside as you will smell like piss for a couple of weeks. did not notice any effects.

    I heard of a friend who went to a cooler and dryer climate (alaska) for a few months and it naturally died off. As soon as he came back to the islands tho, it returned. I have not had a chance to try this, however I have noticed that since I started biking with my shirt and backback on in the hot noonday sun my TV has spread like wildfire.

    The only thing that has ever helped me (but not cure) has been to eat a ton of raw garlic as a lifestyle (5-6 cloves/day) along with tons of raw salads. I look back at this period in my life and the TV spots were less noticeable, stopped spreading, and the itching and scaling were not present.

    I once devised a potent concoction of blended raw garlic and tea tree oil but never got to try it as the smell was quite unsuited for working. I have heard of a friend who cured a mean reef rash by mashing up garlic and pasting it topically right on the spot until it dried. Dunno if it will work for TV, however garlic is the most powerful antifungal on the planet, and I will try it out.

    My current plan to eradicate my TV once and for all is for a two week period where I eat ONLY green leafy vegetables and raw garlic, shower and exfoliate twice/day along with using the antidandruff shampoo on the skin, not sweat at all the whole day, creative visualization of clear skin 3 times a day, new clothing and sheets each day, and some form of combination of topical, powerful anti-fungal creams, pastes, or oils, 5 times a day. This obviously will require a tremendous dedication and I regretfully am not in the situation where I can try it anytime soon.
    If it works, though, I will tell the world.

    Hey guys, I dunno what the heck is going on here with this retardedly-difficult-to-get-rid-of skin condition, but I want you all to know you are all beautiful on the inside and I know how awesome your skin looks underneath those spots. Best of luck!
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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Cool, I will then not try this out - saves me $27... or so..

    I have had this $%#@%$# fungus for about 13 years and it is sooo ugly.

    The best thus far for me is/was Fluconazole. You can get it in various strenghts and apparently, the 400mg treatment is permanent. I have only used the 200mg (1 cap per week for 4 weeks), and it kills it till next year... good for over the summer going to the beach - but, it comes back.

    The one bad thing about this stuff (I don't know whether it has changed or not) is that it is heavy on the liver. No drinking for the period using it is probably a good idea. I am by no means medically qualified so please do not hold me responsible for anything that may or may not happen from using this stuff - you can only (and should) get this with a prescription.

    I'll try and get the 400mg treatment this time around and stay away from beer. Will post if it worked and/or for how long... good luck all TV sufferers.


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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    I Bought Tetrasil For Warts And Was Very Unhappy It Did Nothing But Stain My Socks. When I Complained On Aidance Skin Care Site They Offered Me An More Potent Tetrasil ( Currently In The Making) I Have Yet To Receive That....................

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - GREAT PRODUCT!!

    I have read the postings in the thread "Tetrasil skin ointment". I am writing because based on my personal experience, Tetrasil is a FABULOUS PRODUCT!
    I first began using Tetrasil in 2003, shortly after it became available commercially. I have used Tetrasil for a severe 2nd-degree chemical burn and was amazed at its healing properties. I've also used it for cold sores, cuts, poison ivy, acne, and nearly any time I've got a skin problem. Each time I am thrilled with the speed of healing.

    My mother hand two bouts of shingles with its terrible pain. Each time she reached for Tetrasil and was relieved of the pain and rash within 2 days. I have since referred several people to Tetrasil and their experience is consistent with mine: Tetrasil is an amazing product with remarkable healing properties. The silver oxide in Tetrasil has been awarded 7 patents. The product is backed by years of research and development. The manufacturer, Aidance Skincare, from my experience provides outstanding customer service.

    Anyone considering purchasing Tetrasil should NOT be discouraged by the other postings in this thread. There is no product that performs the same for every single person who uses it. Take aspirin, for example. For countless people aspirin quickly relieves their headache, but, for a small percentage of people, they have an allergic reaction. This DOESN'T mean aspirin is a ripoff!

    Tetrasil provides healing benefit to people all over the world. Besides, in the unlikely event Tetrasil doesn't work for you, Aidance is quick to refund your money. I just checked them out on the Better Business Bureau website and can see Aidance has an A+ rating with only one complaint over the past three years--and the complaint was quickly resolved. That's a very impressive rating and speaks volumes about the level of satisfaction with their 100,000+ customers!

    You can buy Tetrasil directly from the manufacturer at (link removed - self-promotion) At just $24, it is truly a very good value.
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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    is this person above serious?? OBVIOUSLY that person works for the company that sells tetrasil...ummm we're suffering from skin problems not stupidity, thanks... so you should prob reconsider posting bs like that bc tetrasil is total CRAP and doesnt work whatsoever, and i would really hate to see other people scammed and waste 30 dollars, sooo once again DONT BUY TETRASIL IT IS WORTHLESS CRAP AND A SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Used it and it's A SCAM! SCAAM!
    TV sucks big time , i'm 20 years old female, and suffering from it! guys how do u live with it > i have recently had it.. it's really bothering me , and ruining my self image.. cant wear clothes that i want or anything without being cautious about it being hidden ! and now summer is on the doors! didnt know that it actually INCREASES in the sun.. man ,any help?

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Personally, I don't really think it's fair to call Tetrasil a scam. The company didn't take your money and not send you a product. They didn't charge you for a gallon of the stuff and then only send a 14 gram tube.

    It's an all-natural product. Think of it this way - some people have absolutely no reaction to nuts. Others get too close to a peanut shell and can't breathe. Not everyone's body reacts to everything the same exact way. Not everyone reacts to prescription drugs the same way either. Some people have great results, others don't get helped and have to try several medications before they find something that works. As someone without health insurance, prescriptions are a LOT more expensive, too. But would you call a prescription that didn't work a scam? Probably not. And drug companies don't offer your money back in case it doesn't work.

    I've used Tetrasil for a case of athlete's foot and for what I think is atopic eczema on my arms, and both times I had very fast, good results.

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - GREAT PRODUCT!!

    Quote Originally Posted by dpg View Post
    I have read the postings in the thread "Tetrasil skin ointment". I am writing because based on my personal experience, Tetrasil is a FABULOUS PRODUCT!

    To anyone considering the purchase of Tetrasil, I advise you not to take the word of this user, who is clearly affiliated with this product and the company that manufactures it.

    Not exactly an unbiased opinion.

    I have no reason to claim this product doesn't work. I so desperately wanted it to work! But it didn't and I stand by my assessment of Tetrasil.

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Well it worked great for our dog's ear wound, as a topical antibiotic. I didn't even know it could even be recommended for tinea whatever. to call it a total scam seems ridiculous based solely on zero clinical experience other than "it didn't work for me". Once I took advil for a headache and it didn't work for me, should I start a threat about how advil is a total scam?

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    This is not about the skin ointment. But if one has yeast in their system it will show many times on the skin as psoriasis. Good to stay away from foods that will produce more yeast in your body. No breads. If you can, you can make your own bread if you can not find the no yeast breads in the store, it is very rare. Stay away from sweets, cheese, peanuts you can look it up online what foods contain yeasts. Try eating yogurts and not the ones with the fruits in them for they put sugar in them. Take a probiotic daily, you can take different ones, because not all of them contain the same beneficial good bacteria. I hope this helps.

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    Re: Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their posts, concerning Tetrasil for tenia versicolor. I was going to purchase some, as it sounded great and my beautiful 17 year old daughter has suffered w/ this for a couple of years and she is very depressed over it, as every time she tans, the white spots are terribly obvious (mainly her arms, chest and back). Her doctor has prescribed several things and we have also been to a Dermatologist.
    The main reason I am posting is that I believe I may have found a cure for this. I was watching a TV program on a Christian Network, by the name of "Know The Cause". As they rave over a product by the name of "Rapha Remedy", for topical fungus, MRSA, staph and the list goes on and on. It is a little expensive, but I will do everything in my power to get rid of this, once and for all, for her sake.
    You can read the testimonials on their site and even contact them if you have any questions about their products and or which product is right for your condition. I sent a message concerning my daughter's tinea versicolor and the owner herself contacted me w/i a day. She recommended the "Rapha Remedy" for tinea versicolor, as they also have a product by the name of "Rapha Remedy w/ P-73 wild oregano", so I wasn't sure which would be best. These products are all natural, also.
    I can so relate to what you all are going through, as I know it is about to drive my daughter nuts. Large white patches on tan skin, are so very obvious. For a long time, we did not know what it was, as she is naturally pale and we thought it was eczema, but when she started going to the tanning bed and the areas burned, but did not tan (just turned white again), we researched and discovered what it was, b/f the doctor confirmed it.
    If you try this product...let me know how it works, as I will be ordering some, very soon. Oh, I guess I should give you the website. ;)

    Good Luck!!

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