I can imagine how many people dwell on the subject of Jesus' Godhood. "Was Jesus God or not?" and arguments like those. Jesus and I daresay his disciples were all shoehorned into this Christian religion that needed something to make them appear powerful by the Roman politics of the times.
Who would have guessed that Jesus actually trained in Tibet to become all he became famous for?

The more I learn about the true Jesus the more awesome he becomes.

Here we have three videos. Every one ads missing information that the others do not have. All and all the story becomes clearer and clearer and there is also so much to learn from especially when the missing or unheard of Gospels and the grail of the last supper also gets mentioned.

Blasphemy? I hope so! Shouting blasphemy is only another method to shut people from learning things with open minds. Its time we learn from the greatest Blasphemer of all, Jesus Christ.