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    Re: Liberty Home Protection Scam / Complaints Home

    This company is own by the same person...
    They are not here to save you money they are here to take your money. They are sharks. They treat their employees like they are back in Egypt. If you don't make them money you are out like a dog.

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    Re: Liberty Home Protection Scam / Complaints Home

    I am a writer, who had worked for Exclusive Writer.com, but I was never paid for the articles I wrote. Please beware and do not work for http://www.exclusivewriter.com/

    The Exclusive Writer is a scam company that will make you write papers, but will not pay you for them. Please do not apply there at all. Warn others too kindly.

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    Re: Liberty Home Protection Scam / Complaints Home Warranty Scam

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    Re: Liberty Home Protection Scam / Complaints Home Warranty Scam

    This is a great thread, love learning about these crooks

    Please help our church -
    Your donations no matter how small are appreciated :)

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    Re: Liberty Home Protection Scam / Complaints Home Warranty Scam

    Ive been looking for a good home warranty ? what is the best one today?

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