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    Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

    Hello my name is Linda. I have been an Independent Agent through Tv Travel since last year. I am reading your post and not understanding what your gripe is. I am very happy with Tv Travel, my husband and I participate in Bridal Shows all around to get us out there. Of course we spend on advertising! Who doesn't? Did you learn about your local cable company through "no adveritsing"? of course not, you would have to hear atleast word of mouth, tv, or radio. Media isn't cheap and I wouldn't suggest relying on this as your main source of income. This is my hobby as I am a stay at home mom and am working on my Bachelors in Business Degree, i am very confident in what I am doing. The travel portal that goes with your other travel package website is powered through Travelocity. Are you saying Travelocity is not a trusting company? My portal is how I book flights/hotels/car-rental/show tickets and so on. I am a whole sale reseller too, which you can purchase the offers that is listed in the package of 2 for 1 cruises, or free flights, and you just pay a fee every year to sell at whatever cost you desire but I wouldn's suggest going over retail pricing because the whole issue is saving people money. Nobody is a millionaire over night, it is what you believe in, either yourself. The world is a fickle place where people just automatically complain, spoiled rotten and to my knowledge is because of our troups risking everything they have so we can be spoiled and complain. Know your audience, know yourself, take care of your customers every day, every way. Do not let your feelings get hurt if the answer is no and they go with another company. God gave us free will to make up our own mind. As a matter of fact I send to my leads the cost of other travel company's as I send my cost offering the 3 day 2 night stay as an incentive. With this said, thank you for reading and NO! TV Travel LLC is not a SCAM! www.tvtravelportal.com/LA5534

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    Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

    I really like watch this Tv programs I really enjoy it !!!!
    Go To College

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    Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

    Well IVE been scammed. They made 49 bucks off me. called repeatedly, leaving ruder and ruder messages each time, condescending bs. NO REFUND. "well i can just replay the tape of our original conversation stating that you don't get a refund and you agreed la la la" Wow they are so nice and professional. They get you so wrapped up that you don't get that after 6 months of failure and them taking money out of your bank account every month that THEN they will give your 49 bucks back ONLY of you've gotten 300 leads WHICH you have to pay for or you dont get a refund, and if you dont pay for the leads thend you dont get the sales and then you dont get a refund because you didn't sell anything. Companies like this need to be stopped from preying on all of us that have lost hope and keep trying, lost jobs and live so poorly that we try anything to make it. TV Travel, take my 49 dollars and go to hell with your free complimentary vacation that I have to yet still pay fees for. Ill make sure I spread the scam alert.

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    Re: I'm making good money with tvtravel

    Hi everyone:
    I'm not real good at the internet stuff but I'm learning quick!!! As I said I'm not real good at this one of my projects was to learn how to get around better and I thought I would see what I could find out about my new business.....WOW!!!! was i surprised to hear all of this negitivity my business is doing beyond excellent..When I signed up I was told from the beginning the key to this business was to listen and follow what my coach to me to do I'm learning how to link my site and how to bring people to my site and this has not cost me a dime as some of you have said to advertise. I have been doing this for 2 months the first week I made 325.00 dollars I'm averaging consistently 640.00 a week following their advice. So I don't understand what some of you are complaining about you don't get anything for nothing you have to work at it, sounds as tho maybe you thought they were going to do all the work for you and you just get to cash the checks. Keep complaining thats all right I will keep doing what I'm doing. This company has been a god send to me, Thats all I can say. ** the way I'm doing this business so that I can stay at home and take care of my disabled son, Just thought I would let you know that. I'm proud of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS

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    Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

    I have just been contacted today ** TV closers...trying to sign me up on the program FOR ONLY $44.90! Well...I decided to listen and let them talk while I was taking notes and searching online. I found this website and started reading while the closer was talking. When I asked her if they have a website for me to check out they gave me these 2: tvtravelpackage.com/kv & tvtravelportal.com/kv. The closer also asked me IF i was going to check the BBB website and I said 'Yes' and she gave me all the information regarding the info that I had to type in....of course the rating that it showed was 'A', only 1 complaint and I think that everyone who had bad experiences with this company should write their complaints on the BBB page so that other people will be able to read on that page as well. Here is the link for easier access: http://www.bbb.org/phoenix/business-...x-az-27007168/

    P.S. She wants me to call her back today before she leaves... I am not going to. Good luck to her waiting for my call! :yelcutelaughA::yelcutelaughA::yelcutelaughA:

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    Re: Watch Out for TV Travel & The Pro Closers!

    I answered phone today from 877 # and a guy named Jeremy was offering work online from the business- TV Travel.. I had never heard of it and I just started checking into work from home opportunities which so far most are likely scams, I wish I knew someone that does have a sucess with business. I decided to listen to his smeel, and got on thecomputer while he showed me the BBB file for Professional Closers. They are not accreditd but did have a good rating and only 1 complaint. but when he directred me to tvtravelportal. this site come up and of course I had to read, well I could not stop reading, my there is a lot to read going back to 2009! I HAVE ONE THING AND ONE THING TO SAY- THIS HAS BEEN MY RULE SINCE I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED IN THE PAST--- I DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM A COLD CALL - I DO NOT GIVE OUT MY CCD OVER THE PHONE TO A CALL I RECEIVED AND I DO NOT JOIN MEMBERSHIPS THAT I AM NOT SURE OF!!!! I was not going to take the offer anyway even though it is a mere 49$ish to start?? I was like , i need time to think, I am tired and I hung up! enuff of his talk, I dont care how much calls i get cuz I just don't answer my phone when i dont want to and i keep it on silence most of the time anyway and i know who a call is from if i gave my # online i know to be ready for this! Just hope I find something real someday.. !

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