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    usdirectory.com - FAKE invoices

    Here they are again: false invoices!
    This time under the label of USdirectory.com.
    The header reads 'Account Statement' but other than that they look like regular invoices including invoice number and even account number.

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    Re: usdirectory.com - FAKE invoices

    Actually, USDirectory.com has been around for 3 years, has partnerships with leading online yellowpages services like Superpages.com and Switchboard.com, and can get its advertisers up on these services and Google faster than anyone.
    All sales were upon customer request, most by telemaketing, some by web sign up, and if you call the toll free # on the website, you'll find out how you got your "fake invoice" as they will tell you, and show you how you signed up or opted into their service.
    Pound for pound, the best local search value on the internet with month to month billing (cancel any time with satisfaction guaranteed refunds), real time reporting on traffic, 24/7 customer service, and amazing ability to partner with what others would think are competitors.
    Hardly a scam, and I would call this irresponsible posting.

    Yes, I work for the company, and if you you look at the complain section of scam.com and compare to customer service section of usdirectory.com you can clearly see which company is interested in helping out its customers and answer questions... :cool:
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    Re: usdirectory.com - FAKE invoices

    I just received a call from this company "varifying" my information however they did not appear to have any of the information that they were varifying - rather they were filling in the lines from local businesses who do not buy into their service.

    After a difficult time of understanding the person at the other end of the phone the "free" listing became a "if I call within 30 days to cancell the monthly service the fee of $49.95 per month that will be automatically added to my phone bill will be taken off." HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just said it was a free service from US Directory.

    This is not an effective way to work with small businesses. If you are offering a free service and you are varifying the information you A) have no fees attached let alone an automatic fee that is assessed and B) you have the businesses information in front of you to varify.

    Most individuals and businesses do not call within the 30 days and as a result companies walk away with at least one month fee of those who do not call until it is already assessed onto the bill. Then you spend more time fighting the costs associated.

    Phone listings are just that FREE - companies should "offer" not "assess" fees to those who speak to a representative of a company. This is how telemarketing goes bad.

    US Directory - review these practices before you make the calls.

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    Re: usdirectory.com - FAKE invoices

    @MtOliveMom- you! look at yourself at the mirror! ugly duckling!

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