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    credit repair co

    Has anyone heard of "Credit Solutions" out of the east coast??? I sent them $100 to clean up my credit & its been over a month & I can't get in touch with them on the only number I have.

    Has anyone had any dealing with them??


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    Re: credit repair co

    Credit repair "business" is 100% scam. Only person who can repair your credit is you by paying in time to all your lenders. Eventually, your credit ratings will be much better.

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    Re: credit repair co

    been there too..I got assistance from the ECR Team, and everything went well! I think they still offer low cost to no cost services...you might want to contact them...http://www.ezsolutions/contact.html

    goodluck dear!
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    Re: credit repair co

    The only thing your experts can do is to remove erroneous information if you have any on your credit report. If you did not pay in time, they can do nothing. And your link does not work.
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    Re: credit repair co

    You can remove erroneous info from your credit report yourself by contacting the credit reporting agency alerting them to the error.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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