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    BigMoneyPro is a big scam! stay away!

    Hi friends!

    This is Ali, 25 years old from Iran, used to be a full time
    internet marketer! now i m a full time FX and Futures trader,
    making a decent living within them, either having a full control
    over my own cash!
    please be aware that the owner of Bigmoneypro and some
    of the other sucker programs like 14daywealth, Amigoaction
    and etc.. is Steve Siegman! please beleive me! he is a real
    jerk thief who scamed me, ripping me off at Amigoaction! now
    he is running another funny program called Bigmoneypro version
    2.0! just take my advice and stay away from this scammer!

    Never fall for No Advertising, No Sponsoring and their income potential
    of these kind of bogus programs! everybody must understand that 99% of the
    MLM-type programs out there are fraud! they are just there to rip you off
    then disapear after a short while, bringing you some funny excuses and their
    empty promises of refunds!

    if there is a company out there that is legit, it would definitely need a
    Team-Work in order to make money but this is an absolute truth and in a
    Matrix-type programs and others, 5% of the folks work and the remaining
    simply don t work or just wait for something called spillover which you
    find nowhere!

    if you truly want to get successful online, you d need your own website
    and a quality product! that s all! or trade financial markets but you d
    need to get educated well for this otherwise you d be gamble!

    Ok! it was just all about making money online!

    warm regards

    Ali :mad:

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    Re: BigMoneyPro is a big scam! stay away!

    I was actually interested and checking out the program,but when I saw that you need to sign up for Veretekk amongst others too,I ran in the other direction.
    Just got burned by PAS,so I'm a bit jittery :)

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    Re: BigMoneyPro is a big scam! stay away!

    Oh, yes, yes - bad!

    Only one thing really is very nagging is their SPAMMING all over the Internet lately. That sure is very bad way to be involved with.

    They sent me and many others way too many emails saying please upgrade your account YET I haven't registered in as free.. never did.

    What more is that their website doesn't have anti-spamming link to report such spammings. That is even far worse. Geez!

    STAY AWAY from them!

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