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    Dtech - collect call scam

    I received a call on my other pay as you go cell phone regarding an outstanding debt of some sort.

    They wouldn't tell me anything unless I gave them my name. "How do I know this isn't a scam?" I asked, but stupidly, I did. They needed my address to send the information. I gave that as well knowing I was moving away in a few days anyway.

    Turned out to allegedly be some kind of collect call from prison to phone service. Because of mail snafus I never received the first "bill" but instead received the next one with the balance carried forward with NO CLUE when these alleged calls took place and additional insane $29 late fees tagged on. I googled "DTECH" and found that they pulled the same routine on other people back in August 2006 as well.

    Today I called my cell phone service provider to see if I can get my service start date in writing. They couldn't help me at this time exactly but I did inform them of this third parties activities. I do have a print out of the website acknowledgement of my initial start date of service somewhere in my files.

    I bit the bullet and called Dtech to find out when these calls (five of them?) were allegedly made. The date? - September 2005. I told the operator that I got the phone and number in February 2006. I also got their fax number (817) 573 9040 from the operator and its to be addressed ATTN: Judy

    "We need that in writing or a three way call". I read online that Dtech simply hangs up if you attempt that. The better business bureau had nearly 100 complaints about this company.

    Somehow I suspect anything I provide will not be good enough or that proving my innocence just pulls me deeper into their scam.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Dtech - collect call scam

    They are a scam, by every indication I have had. Do a search on "dtech scam" or "d-tech scam" and you'll find others who have had *very* similar experiences.

    When I called my provider, Sprint, about setting up the "3-way" to try and resolve this, I was transferred from the friendly, female customer service rep, to a more serious, male tech support guy, who told me that:

    1) Sprint phones cannot receive collect phone calls, period.
    2) Even if they could, Sprint would not use a third-party billing service to collect the charges, because they are perfectly able to do it themselves.
    3) The way I described the setup just sounds like a scam - an automated message which can only be replied to by calling an 800 number where you are required to give out personally identifiable information just to talk to somebody?

    So he told me that, if I receive any more calls from them, that I should tell them to cease and desist their activity, and that if they don't, I should report them to Sprint's fraud investigation department.

    So, the solution? Tell on them.

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