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    Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    An "investor" solicited me on-line by the name of "Ashley James" (UK). I replied, "Sure, I'll talk with you." He didn't call, rather he referred me to his "fund management firm", "Banes Investments, Ltd." His fund manager's name was "Ledley Graham". I negotiated the deal with good ol' "Ledley", and he referred me to their "law firm", "Law Consortium, Ltd.", and a guy named "Johnathan Terry" lawconsortiumltd@mail2litigator.com.

    I googled "Law Consortium, Ltd.", and nothing came up, so I'm pretty sure, it's a bogus firm. "Johnathan Terry" told me that everything is fine, the deal is solid, and all I have to do is wire $3,500 to cover legal expenses and the investment capital is mine. Interestingly enough, the money was supposed to be wired to another bloke, "Tophias A. Ibini". I told jolly ol' "Johnathan" that wouldn't be happening, ever.

    Just be on the lookout for anyone using these names, this modus operandi, these websites or e-mail addys. Schemes where someone wants you to advance money for any reason to anybody should not be fallen for.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    Banes investment is a scam out of south Africa. I had an invstagator from the UK do some checking on them. I can say with complete certainty that this whole deal is a complete scam designed to extract money from others in a number of different ways. Law Consultancy Ltd will not be a real firm and Barnes Investment is operated by scam artists based in Africa.

    I would advise you to look for investment elsewhere.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    I am currently being scammed by the Banes Investment/The Law Consultancy Ltd. They are good. Banes investment has a professional website with detailed backgrounds on their "employees"(www.banesinvestmentltd.com). Both of these "companies" have addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and emails. At least one phone is legit because I personally conversed with "James Anderson" of The Law Consultancy Ltd. The contracts created look legit.
    My scam incident is very similar to what was listed above. A Brian Wilcox contacts me and then has his Banes Investment "deal manager", Mark Burton, make me an offer to buy my company, but the terms state that a third party company, The Law Consultancy Ltd, will draw up the legally binding partner agreement for a fee of 2050GBP. After emailing, it is agreed that I pay half and Mr. Wilcox would pay the rest. Here's where I get lost. The documents were actually created and sent to me for verification and I am to meet Mr. Wilcox in London in the near future, for the signing and notarization of the documents, although an exact time and place has not been set. They haven't came up with any new ways to try and get more money from me, but I'm waiting to see. If anyone could provide anymore info, I'd appreciate it. By the way, I filed a report with the London Police today. This world is sad.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,

    Let me state categorically that Banes Investment Ltd is not a scam!My company has recently been funded by Banes,and all through the due diligence,Banes showed a high level of professionalism.

    Banes Investment Ltd does not require any up front payment from ventures that are being funded.We did raise questions as to the rationale behind having the legal documentations handled by a third party firm and it was carefully explained to us that such an independent firm would be in the best position to produce an unbiased contract agreement for the investment.It is indeed,normal that legal expenses are paid and we did receive value for our money as the appointed firm carried out its reponsibility to the letter.

    We have since been funded,and Banes Investment has gone the extra mile to have a deal monitor oversee the investment and offer useful tips and advice whenever necessary.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    "JMPS" is obviously apart of the scam group. Check the internet. Many people have been ripped off by Banes Investment Ltd and The Law Consultancy. JMPS must be trying to buy some more time for the group to get alittle more illgotten gains before being forced to pack up their operation and move elsewhere. Investors don't need fee money from you for them to invest in your company. If they are serious about investing, they would pay any fees that were necessary, or at least have them taken out of the investment money. Investors invest their money into you. Its not the other way around as the "Banes Investment" scam would have you to think.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    "JMPS" is obviously apart of the scam group. Check the internet. Many people have been ripped off by Banes Investment Ltd and The Law Consultancy
    Exactly. There is no question that Banes Investment Ltd and The Law Consultancy are running a payment-forwarding scam. Their amateur website, banesinvestmentltd.com, didn't even exist until 2 months ago.


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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    Just another warning. Within the last couple of weeks (12/20/06 through 1/23/07) a man contacted me doing exactly the same process you are all describing. A man contacted me, then his investment manager contacted me, and now the law consultancy limited contacted me. They were interested in investing and want me to pay for the legal fees to be drawn up. Like those above, the money was to be wired to the office assistant. Based on the common thread, here are some of the things I noticed.

    - None of the emails have names.
    - There are a lot of names that get thrown around.
    - The investment company AAA D Limited had a website that did not have too much but still looked legit.
    - They used the same law firm "The Law Consultancy Limited" with the same person, James Anderson.
    - The money was to be wired to an address that is still in its planning phase of development, to a man named Fred Wilson.

    These are all the same. The deal seemed amazing, yet as many people say, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. I just hope you read this before you get burned, or just waste your time dealing with these scammers. Thank you to the ones who wrote previously, they were the ones who saved me the $500.

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    aaa d limited experience

    What is going on here?? I am having the same experience with AAA D Limited-very intricate-they negotiated, dealt with our attorney, returned calls and emails, and we were able to get them on the phone a good bit and also confront them when we noticed these postings-weird that they continue to answer phones and send emails-what is that??

    It is pathetic that honest and hungry entrepeneurs with great start up ideas and companies have to deal with this kind of scam artistry!

    We noticed that signatures looked the same, the website :mad: states that the site was created in Nov 06-and worst of all-banks do nothing to check who is openning an account-if its even a legitimate business-wow really over the top-I have wasted 1 month and $2100 USD on this BS-I have learned my lesson big time!

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,

    You can add a couple of new names to the list.

    I've been contacted by a Christopher Heyworth of JM Project Services Limited in Milton Keynes, and then by Geoffery Whitehouse (CEO) of Management Link Limited, Birmingham, who wants me to contact The Law Consultancy Limited to get the agreement drawn up.

    Sounds like the same old same old, just different names...

    One or two minor slips early in the correspondence got me suspicious - besides the "too good to be true" bit...

    I asked where he heard of my plan, he said from a friend who attends VC seminars - my plan has never been submitted to a venture capitalist forum and would be far more appropriate for an angel investor than a VC.

    Also, he used the word "modalities", which according to Wikipedia is: "commonly used term for methods of funds transfer; often considered a shibboleth for scam messages due to its infrequency in native Anglophone usage. May reflect roots in an older French version of the scam; modalitÚs in French just means ways or methods."

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    I have been contacted by Keith Micheal saying he was interested in investing. Shortly after his firm contacts me- ManagementLinkLimited.com. They sent me the agreement form and ask that I contact a third party.

    Just a heads up.

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley James,Ledley Graham,Johnathan Terry,SCAM

    Re: Christ Life Embassy ***FBI WARNING***
    Direct Number To The Legal Dept: #212-963-5339

    Sounds Like Time Is Running Out!

    Be Very Careful Of Which Names You Bring Up Here David!

    Do You Think Your Going To Take Money From Someone And Not Pay It Back!

    Like The 3 Pastors In Chicago You Stoled $50,000 Each!

    Time Is Moving And You Should Be Moving!

    Time For You To Get A New Name Like You Did In Ohio Where You Spent Time In Jail!


    11609 S. ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL Suite 203 ORLANDO FL 32837 US

  12. 10-26-2007, 04:49 PM

  13. 10-29-2007, 12:54 AM


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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley J

    No, you are sad and pathetic fake Chris. The venture world doesn't fund losers, I learned that the hard way. Accept that you cannot create a compelling value proposition and go home.

    Get a job...

    The Real Chris

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    Re: Banes Investment Ltd,Tophias A. Ibini,Ashley J

    Hey Everyone...

    You may know me by my fake company name Lightedbay, but my real name is Chris Issacs. I've really been soul searching lately and feel a bit smarmy about being such a sore loser in the venture game, so it's time to come clean.

    I took my shot with Lightedbay and basically got laughed at by just about everyone who read my plan. Although I knew deep down that VC's and Angels rarely give anyone the time of day, I guess I thought I could have been one of the few winners - i was wrong.

    I set out on a personal vendetta against anyone who turned me down - I wanted to get back at them and teach them a lesson. The real lesson to be learned here is that you cant get very far in the game as a malcontent little prick who just cant except that he isn't cut out for the "show"

    Anyway, I'm sorry for all the pathetic modern day McCarthyism, but I just didn't know how to accept being a failure.

    In case anyone wants to contact me, my information is below...

    12192 Chesterville Rd.
    Moores Hill, IN 47032
    Voice: 812.744.6099
    Email: jweb607369@hotmail.com

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