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    Group M Marketing, Inc.

    Any thoughts/experiences with Michael Kimble's mailing and his promise of $2000+ a week on eBay without ever getting on eBay by making 2 simple phone calls for paying him between $67.95 and $185.00? Group M Marketing has a satisfactory record with the BBB.

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    Re: Group M Marketing, Inc.

    promise of $2000+ a week on eBay without ever getting on eBay
    This does not make sense.

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    Re: Group M Marketing, Inc.

    I can't remember if this is his or not, I know I've seen this Group M before. But what I've seen on these is that you "partner" with the Power Sellers on Ebay. They supposed already have an agreement with a few of these sellers. You find them items, they list it and then they split the profit with you. Hence, selling on Ebay without having to get on Ebay. M.O.R.E. has a similar program where you send them $600+ (depending on the program) and they have people who work to sell items on Ebay for you and then you rake in boatloads of money.

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    Re: Group M Marketing, Inc.

    stay away from his program. here is another one of his scheme to get other to promote his website www.freemoneywebsite.com. he keep sending the big yellow postcard to me.

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    Re: Group M Marketing, Inc.

    The "big yellow postcard" and "freemoneywebsite.com" rang a bell. I signed up for the free website using a brand new, totally spam-free e-mail address. Within a matter of days, I began getting spam from all kinds of "opportunity seekers" using "opportunity seeker 'opt-in'" lists. (Note the quotes around the disingenuous "opt-in.") Apparently this guy makes his money selling to spammers, and the reason the BBB isn't on to him is that they're still a 20th-century brick-and-mortar organization that thinks of scams in t e r m s* of ripoffs (plus the fact that seem to they treat capitalists, of which some comprise their membership, as innocent until proven guilty, much as right-wing judges give constitutional "rights" to corporations).

    *For some reason, the word "t e r m s" disappears if spelled correctly!
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