WARNING: Do not open accounts with Uniclear. I made that mistake a year ago when their site SEEMED legit. NOW, they are refusing payouts or services of any kind and are blaming it on others. You will not see any of this until you do open an account there and put your money in. Mine is gone - don't let yours follow.
Conspiracy theory? I opened my account after enrolling in an ECP (E-currencies trading) course. Could the sellers of the course be linked in some way with the payment processors who are ripping people off? I have no good time or money to throw away after bad, so I can't give you hard facts about this - but one would wonder...
Other suspect processors: Stormpay. In their dealings with 12DP, a hi-pay auto-surf site that went under about a year ago, they 'froze' funds from user accounts, did not release them to 12DP NOR to the originating payors. Now the whole thing is in litigation - good bye to that money, too - to the tune of $12,000 on my behalf alone.
Am I stupid? Well, sometimes I've asked myself that question but chucked it out along with the 'bad money'. Too trusting, that was for sure. New to scams, that's true, too.
My conclusion: don't put your money where your control is not. For that matter, don't put your time there, either.
DO trust in YOURSELF as a valuable, intelligent person. Find something YOU can do that you have control over, and then apply yourself diligently to that. Don't worry about the money. It does and will come when you find the value within and apply it without; by producing or promoting something truly worthwhile to yourself and your fellow man.
If you're in debt, don't go further into debt 'investing' in empty promises. There are predators out there who prey on the weak. Never make a business decision from a state of 'weak' or 'need'.
Remember the simple horse sense of: "If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging!"
There is a variety of debt consolitation services (I've used one a few years ago and it greatly reduced my monthly burden as well as healed my credit). It enabled me to get out from under an impossible load, re-organize my time, money and life and move on. No, you'll not find a link here - I'm not selling anything. You can find them if you do a search.
If you want to know who wrote this, you can find me at http://nordtome.com/nordtome.html