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    Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    Stay away from a company called New Show Studios, they are the sister company of Davison Design and Developement. They will claim to take your show idea and "package" it for submission to networks and producers. They prey off of peoples hopes and dreams and use the same format as Davison to take every penny you have and not care that they did. Don't be a sucker like me.

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    Sorry to see that the internet and subjective blog postings have skewed your perception of our firm. New Show works with one of the largest independent distributers of new TV shows, SFM Entertainment, they have been in business for over 40 years and currently have shows on The CW, Cartoon Network, The History Channel and Discovery just to name a few. Our services allow individuals to have their ideas professionally prepared and presented to industry decision makers through our exclusive licensing relationship with SFM.

    We understand that the internet provides a means for competitors and individuals to create confusion in the marketplace. What you are experiencing is a well-known phenomenon called “Google-Bombing”. You can discover more about this modern day phenomena at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUFDeDrbNyw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLRHesLz6fY . It is a shame that competitors simply cast disparaging remarks out of fear due to their inability to compete with us and our syndicator.

    Also, some individuals think that since they came up with an idea for a television show or movie that they should not have to spend money in helping to create their idea into a commercially viable property. Obviously, our staff does not work for free nor does any business operate without expenditures. Businesses have to pay for their overhead, staff salaries, materials, studio time, production costs, sets, taxes, rents, etc. Individuals are responsible for their show developments – they can gain access to funding through investors or use their own funds but they are the owners of their show or movie idea – we are not. Ours and our licensing partner’s reputations are spotless. We pride ourselves on transparency and high quality services offered at very reasonable price points. Please feel free to price our services in the open market.

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    blah blah blah

    So then what show's that are on the air at this point and time has NSS been affiliated with? And if NSS is so successful then why would they even be on this site looking for posts about themselves? Because you know that is what you are doing. You should try scambook.com too there might be something on there you can reply your blah blah blah too, do a search just like you did here.

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    thank you for your advice bill

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    Your welcome Bill.....I didn't think there would be a response from them to the last post about proving their credibility of shows they were involved in getting on the air. It just tells you there are not any. From what I have been reading on the net they are in court trying to sue a company for saying they are a scam on a website.....only question is how can you sue someone for telling the truth? Only in America!! Check this link out for the court docket.

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam

    Sorry the link is for what was filed not the docket....excuse my grammer....http://www.entlawdigest.com/2012/07/02/1595.htm

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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam


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    Re: Beware!! New Show Studios Scam


    & here is the extension numbers of there "Development Executives"
    for Davison/New Show Studios-


    Michael Burnes 75002 Michael Burns 75002
    Chad Murrey ext 75003 Chad Murrey 75003
    Kevin Kohler ext 75008 Kevin Kohler 75008
    Judy Markazey 75021 Judy Markazey 75021
    Chris Rozella 75024 Chris Rozella 75024
    Daniel Debrowski 75025 Damiel Debrowski 75025
    James Swaney 75028 James Swaney 75028
    Josh Madeya 75032 Josh Madeya 75032
    Kevin Keslik 75034 Kevin Keslik 75034
    Mathew Denem 75035 Mathew Denem 75035
    Nick Dragoneer 75036 Nick Dragoneer 75038
    Dennis Smurback 75038 Dennis Smurback 75038
    Daniel Crowthammil 75040 Daniel Crowthammil 75040
    Eliza Abrams 75041 Eliza Abrams 75042
    Michael Mazzer 75042 Michael Mazzer 75042
    Meredith Wood 75043 Meredith Wood 75043
    Lenton Borowski 75044 Lenton Borowski 75044
    Michael Solotty 75046 Michael Solotty 75046
    Derrel Ventris 75047 Daryl Ventris 75047
    Paul Garbark 75048 Paul Garbark 75048
    Daniel Flick 75049 Daniel Flick 75049
    John Borgote 75050 John Borgote 75050
    John Panny 75051 John Panny 75051
    Amanda Stephie 50000 Amanda Stephie 50000
    Leo Petrolli 50003 Leo Petrolli 5003
    Greg Maceeda VP NP 50009 Greg Maceeda VP New Prod 50009
    Jason Zurwack VP NP 50015 Jason Zurwack VP New Prod 50015
    Vickie Becker 60010 Vickie Becker 60010
    Ellen Galucci 60011 Ellen Galucci 60011
    Laura Heppa 60017 Laura Heppa 60017

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