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    Zip Code Punishment

    My insurance company wants to raise my anual rates by 50 percent for where I am living. I moved into an area that is mostly oriental people and the rates here are WAY, WAY higher then the rest of the state. Why? Because the insurance company is obviously bigoted and thinks that oriental people are bad drivers and use this to overcharge in the Orange County area. I would PLEASE like to know if there is a lawyer or any class action lawsuits against insurance companies for charging higher rates based on zipcode (or race of the people IN that zipcode!)

    I should not be punished for where I live.

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    Re: Zip Code Punishment

    Despite the fact that zip code profiling is not allowed in CA, Progressive still does it. Note that if your zip code is in a high minority zipcode, you will pay 50-295 percent higher premiums despite it being against CA insurance laws to base premiums on zipcodes since the passing of Proposition 103 in 1988. It was proved to be discrimination.

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