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    Question for GoZing-ers

    Hello all,

    I have not *yet* signed up with -GoZing- (partner/affiliate/division of Greenfield Online)
    But I want to understand their incentives before I fill in their registration.

    As all of you know, online surveys is an invite to be flooded with spam, lotteries and junk survey offers which is why I have a special account for JUST surveys.
    So the issue is, should I give my -survey- email to GoZing and hope or know that they will get my payments to me without issue; or should I give them my private precious account (that I receive PayPal info at)?

    The GoZing site states that cash incentives are sent to the addy that they have on file, and also that payment is made to PayPal only, or Napster downloads or Buy.com gift certificates. I dumbly don't understand how they paid a survey participant through our email. Has anyone been paid and can explain their system so my first try with this is not a bust?



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    Re: Question for GoZing-ers

    I used to be a member of Gozing surveys and had the same email adress that I recieve paypal info at registered with them. I never got any spam from Gozing. They only sent info from them and survey participation emails. I was paid to my paypal by them a couple of times.. everything worked well for me anyway. I have now joined Ciao as they seem to have merged.. but I haven't recieved any survey invitations so far.. but I only recieved a few surveys to fill out from Gozing, like 3 in a year! But I guess it depends on what you have filled out in the "interest area" inside you're backoffice :)

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