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    I bought two packs only -- Spanish and French. Several weeks later I received two large boxes -- with full on long term Spanish and French lessons that I didn't order.

    I had been ill, and moved. So when I finally contacted the "Stroll" company who markets the Pimsleur language cds, they said they would not take them back, and that I would have to pay for them. I told them I would not be bullied into paying for something I didn't order. So, the bs ensues. Threatened with sending to collection company, blah blah blah. Thank God I used a pre paid debit card for this purchase! I told them I would be happy to return them in perfect, unused, unopened condition so they could sell them to someone else and not be out the cd sets nor income, but they refused and keep trying to charge my debit card.

    SCAM SCAM SCAM! Beware and don't order anything from these guys at STROLL / Pimsleur Approach !!!

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    Re: PIMSLEUR APPROACH - Language CDs

    Hugs. I hope all goes well with your family. Nobody can tell you whether or not to terminate but yourself. I'm sorry that your being faced with such a hard choice. I say don't do anything you'll regret. If you think you'll regret terminating for the rest of your life, it's not worth it. If you think you'll regret carrying to term for the rest of your life, it's not fair to your child.
    -- **Doula expecting her first baby!** **The practitioner becomes the client :) **

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