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    blockbuzz - thoughts?

    looks like a new ponzi coming from russ medlin. he ran anpther one just like this in the past called pixmeup. old thread is here http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=11731

    it is amazing how this ponzi creators constantlly come back again and again with all the same peple at the top. frank astheimer, david reid, david sherman, etc.

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    Re: blockbuzz - thoughts?

    it is very imperitive to spread the word about the conartist behind this one befor too many peple get tricked into joining it. the ponzi pimps wil be litering everyones email with their spam hype soon enuf. just got a new email from sindhu thomas. i'm sure ken russo wil be pimping this one too.

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    Re: blockbuzz - thoughts?

    Until the authorities put these people in jail AND THE ONES WHO JOIN IN, ESPECIALLY THE ACTIVE PROMOTERS DOWN THE LINE AND THEIR SIGNUPS, I'm not sure what can be done.

    If people are afraid that they will be held criminally liable even for a stupid decision, perhaps they will be more diligent requiring formal paperwork, licenses, etc. and be more careful with whom they do business and give money to. I also think downline should be able to sue upline for getting them into these scams.

    Mean time, scam.com and attempts by a certain few spending their time and efforts to bring them down.

    Thank you to www.patrickpretty.com for much of the work he does.
    If MLM is such a wonderful business model, why aren't you still doing Amway?

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