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    Warning MoneyPak is a rip off and Possibly a Major Scam

    On the 7th of September I ordered a simple money pack card that is shown in the photo below. I deposited money on this card at a Walgreens, activated it through their phone service, and planned on depositing money onto my paypal account.
    When I attempted to deposit money on my paypal account with MoneyPak, my card was not accepted due to insufficient funds, but there was over $350 in the account.
    I called moneypak to try and resolve the issue, but non of the representative spoke good English, which means the company is outsourcing American jobs, plus I talked to over 3-5 representatives that could not resolve my concern about simply depositing this money into paypal.
    What concerns me about dangerous companies like these are enteracting with companies we more commonly use such as paypal and paypal actually trusts them.
    I would like to list the issues that I faced with this company that will probably will never be resolved, because I already sent an email to them about this issue, but they still have not resolved it.
    - Nobody speaks good english
    - Non of them resolved my concern and told me to use the VISA which I did not order. Now I have to wait 14 days for this stinking VISA card when the original card I purchased was suppose to be used for paypal.
    - You will have to wait on average 10-16 minutes to speak to a representative
    - Nobody even knows how deposit money in these cards at walgreens because the walgreens associates took about 5-10 minutes to figure it out.
    - When the representatives cannot figure out the issue, they give up and tell you to talk to paypal, which is stupid because paypal is not MoneyPak.
    - Finally if you don't believe me that my card is not a VISA, let us compare the photos of the card I bought and the card that suppose to be accepted on PayPal.

    If this looks like a VISA, than something may be wrong with you. MoneyPak, you suck.

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    Re: Warning MoneyPak is a rip off and Possibly a Major Scam

    I think you got ripped off. I would recommend that in the future you stick with pay pal and get their visa card. also if you buy cards at walgreens stick with established prepaid cards like visa avoid the smaller companies like this money pack. stick with visa,mc or amex:judges:

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