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    Max Carlo Lederman, Fred Harrick, HL Developers

    Also operating under The Corner Developer and many other names in Panama.

    This man in a crook and a thief. He has now in cooperation with Fred Harrick held over 5 million in deposits

    illegally for over 3 years without refunding a single clients for their failed projects.

    Here are records of his tours in USD (with millions stolen from investors):


    The projects that he is illegally holding deposits for are:

    Nikki Beach Hotel and Casino
    The Pavillion Tower
    Sky Palace
    They are also working with well know thugs Rodolfo Padilla and Bolivar Alvarez.

    For more information see these threads:

    They have done substantial contract fraud to delay all types of legal action. For example their "pre-construction" contracts require all disputes to be resolved by arbitration in Panama (this is very costly, especially when other party does not show up). Fred Harrick and Max Lederman of course will not show up and also refuse all types of normal service of documents to drive up costs for people wanting their deposits (stolen money) back.

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    Re: Max Carlo Lederman, Fred Harrick, HL Developers

    There are tons of information about these people on PanamaForum dot com. For example here: http://www.panamaforum.com/real-esta...evelopers.html

    There are also other threads about Fredj Harrick and The Corner Developers.

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