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    Are These For Real?

    After posting my most recent thread, I was looking on another website that I happened upon today called: www.fusioncash.net
    They claim if that one signs up with them he or she gets paid to fill out forms that are sent to his or her email. I thought it sounded pretty ridiculous until I saw their rating on the BBB website which was an A+. So, is this a scam? Has anyone done it in the past?
    Also, I saw an ad for a thing called www.payperpost.com that claims one can get paid to blog by writing reviews for certain products? Is this a joke? Has anyone done this kind of thing? Finally, the last site I saw today was called: www.mysurvey.com and they claim the if one signs up with them he or she will be paid for taking surveys for BBB rated companies. Has any done this with them?
    Are all these things I saw for real?

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    Re: Are These For Real?

    My Survey is legit. I have been with them for over 10 years. The others I do not know.

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    Re: Are These For Real?

    payperpost is legit too. HOWEVER, you need to have a blog that fits their guidelines. I don't remember what exactly they are but I believe your blog has to be at least 3 mos old and have a certain amount of posts. Then the advertisers can also decide if you need to have a certain page rank as well. SO it's one that takes time.

    Fusioncash is a GPT (get paid to) site. Typically, you sign up for offers, some of which require trial periods and if you don't cancel you start getting charged. Not something I personally recommend.

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    Re: Are These For Real?

    All those sites you have mentioned are real. I have been on them and been actually paid. I will advise you to join them. I am sure several people will agree with my statement.

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