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Thread: Review Stream

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    Review Stream

    While looking up work at home jobs again recently, I came upon an ad for a website called www.reviewstream.com
    Supposedly, if one signs up with them for free he or she gets paid to write reviews of products and various things. I've never heard of this, so I'm uncertain how legitimate this might be. But, I would appreciate it if anybody has any information on this-good or bad- would share it with me. Is it a scam or is it legitimate?

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    Re: Review Stream

    I can't say they are a scam but did find some interesting articles on them. Since it seems there are way more unhappy people than happy ones, I would probably not try it.

    There are tons of other places that are well known and not so iffy.

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    Re: Review Stream

    It is not a scam the only problem is that you can never know if your article will be picked or not. I think it is like working on faith and hoping your article gets bought. I have written several but the rejection reason was that they can not buy my review at that price when it is them who set the prices.

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