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    After the recent murder of a aspiring model in Hollywood many models have decided to anonymously post warning on the internet. If there was a place for these girls to go to research the people they may be meeting with maybe it would have saved a life.

    Other Great Links for Modeling Scams and Warnings:

    For security reasons, all model/actor names will be kept confidential.

    Bill Smith - [email protected] - UK
    Subject: Re: Uk

    Thanks a lot for your response, now we have your contact details our company head would have to review your details and know if its legit and then recruit you as one of our short listed Models coming for our event. In my next email to you Ill let youknow if you have been short listed as a model to work with us or not.
    But this is the next step you'll have to go into to make sure you are ready and coming for our upcoming event. We are offering each Model $10,000 USD cash for the whole event and $2000 USD upfront on the day of your arrival. Firstly you'll need to pay an Admittance and Insurance fee of $200 USD After you pay your entrance fee you'll be getting your flight and Hotel reserved and also you Contract paper through overnight delivery to your door step.
    We would be emailed a copy of your contract papers for legal purposes, after we verify your informations. And you'll sign this contract and email it back to us and then we'll send you a copy through mail. Let me know if you are still interested to continue at this stage.

    Hope to hear from you soon


    Alex Simon Artists - Las Vegas - 107775
    Contacts models living or visiting Las Vegas for a test shoot or meeting. Then just wants to either date or just hang out. Will also continually ask the model when she is in Las Vegas again and if she says why he says "Just Wondering" This guy has no intentions to work with models its just a way of meeting chics. STAY AWAY

    Brent Baum aka Ruffian Entertainment aka OMP 83321
    Contacts models on OMP and has them come in to "READ" for the lead in one of his movies. The girls go to his house at the top of Mullholland Dr. in Hollywood/Burbank area. Then he may try to kiss the girls and or more as part of the "SCENE"
    David Gomez aka Hector David Gomez aka Rio aka OMP 152114
    David offerend a TFP shoot to a model she Googled his name, and phone number after suspisions of his EAGERNESS to shoot and many many phone calls. The google seacrch produced results showing him as a male escort. She chose not too shoot with him and never told him why. Later she told some other models and he found out about the model googling him later he made threats and thretening emails to the model.

    He also posts on Craigslist that he will do photogrphey and contrstuction for free for a free place to live. And on his OMP page puts photos lots of photos of himself to use as a dating service.

    Many of you have been complaining about Tradeshow Visions (http://www.tradeshow-visions.com) this is a new one for me guys. What they do is hire you as a tradeshow worker of whatever type, and after you work the owner "Michael Clark" will say the "client" is unhappy with your performance and that you WILL NOT GET PAID, the trick is that prior to you working he sent you a contract that states that if you slack off you will not get paid. Most models will sign that it sounds reasonable. Well in most cases from what I heard he makes it up and keeps your money for himself. Models have been paid by this company before but not with out a fight. BE CAREFUL... After a tradeshow ask the client or have him/her sign something that says they were happy with your performance if they are truly unhappy with you they would and should tell you during the show so you can fix what ever it may be.

    (Comment 2)
    I have had my own bad experiences with Tradeshow Visions as well as a couple of my other model friends. When I first started modeling I was contacted by Michael Clark online who hired my girlfriend and I to work a lingerie show in Vegas. We were brand new and didn't know much about contracts and booking guarentees. We were planning to be in Vegas anyhow so we didn't mind that our flights were not covered. We were told that we were already booked with the Croquette company and that we would be paid $300 a day for 2 days working their booth. When we got to Vegas we met with Michael and right from the start he was a typical "Vegas Playa". Come to find out we were not booked by anyone and it was up to us to walk around at the convention and see if we could get ourselves hired....and do it using his cards so that he could collect an "agent finding fee". Yea, right! So instead we walked around handing out our own cards and in no time Mr. Clark heard about this and called us totally pissed off and yelling about how we were trying to f-him and how unprofessional we were. He said he'd ruin us as models and no one would ever hire us in this buinesss again. We totally didn't take him serious and blew him off for the rest of the trip.
    After a year of not hearing from him and both of us progressing a lot as models we did get contacted by him again because he wanted a second chance to have us on his site. At one point he promised us this grand job with $1000+ a day pay, travel and hotel coverage...the full nine yards. At the last minute he claims the clients went with someone else and by just plain gossip a month later we heard from two other models that they were told the exact same thing about the exact same job with the exact same result.

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    Modeling #2

    Jim Blast aka Jim Cooper
    Wrote in to dispute contact us if you would like to see testimonial.


    This is my only other really bad experience since I began modeling. I was contacted by Rob Sims' secretary to shoot for some fitness magazines. It was not going to pay but I would be published. I took the offer because I had heard nothing bad about him and was planning a trip to L.A. for something else anyhow. They had asked me what level I would shoot and I said only implied because I was not being paid and because the fitness magazines I was told didn't show topless or nudes anyhow. When I arrived there was two females assistance who were extrememly late showing up. Rob wasn't there for a half hour after they showed up. The girls barely said hi to me. Only dropped this three page long joke of a release in my lap. The girls were totally rude and condisending. I read the release word for word asking a bunch of question which were not answered clearing at all. In fact their eyes rolled each time I came in to ask anything at all...even if it was, "where's the bathroom".
    When Rob arrived he was nice at first. Right from the start he began asking how far he could go with me and how naughty of a girls I would be for him. I told him I'd only shoot implied like I had origanally said. He quickly became frustrated saying "Well great! I'm not making any money today". I replied with the same saying, "neither am I". His studio was covered with over a dozen cameras all over the celings and walls. In his release it says any image or video taken on you on purpose or by accident can be used, sold, manipulated...etc. I'm no prude when changing my clothes on shoots normally but on this day I went to the bathroom to switch every outfit which even pissed him off. He and his two staff girls pressured me all day about getting nude and being so uptight. I didn't let it bother me because I knew I wasn't about to slip and let them "sell me".
    While shooting Rob filmed with him camera too and ironically enough turned the thing off everytime I asked him a question about himself or his family, which is spoke very ugly about.
    He went on and on slamming other photographers who he claims copy his work. He honestly said that he is the most published photographer in the world and in his own opinion,the best.

    I could go on and on.... After I left I wanted to cry because I felt so violated and disgusted and I hadn't even shot anything bad. That was my only saving grace that day. I can't image how horrible brand new 18 yr. old models feel when they shoot with him and realize they didn't get paid a dime on their nude pictures that are now published all over the world. He seriously ruins girls careers and does it knowingly and for his own greedy wallet.

    The only thing he can promise is publications and that you will get....but you just may never know where.

    Justin Pratt aka Beauty Queen Models Inc
    This is Mr.Justin Pratt, the project director of Beauty Queen Models Inc, based in London, United Kingdom. One of my clients has requested for about 23 beauty models for a modelling show that will be hosted in London by next month, and the nature of the job will include: Lingerie, swimwear, fashion, beauty, tradeshow, fitness, commercial print and runway.
    My Agency is contacting you to be part of this modelling show based on the statistics in your profile. Our client has proposed to pay the sum of $150,000 (One hundred and fifty thousand US dollars only) to each of the participating models for the modelling show which has a 5 (five) days durations. Also, an additional Up-front payment will be made to you, which will cover your flight tickets and other miscelleanous expenses. If you are interested, we are expecting your immediate response. Also, you are to forward 6 (six) recent photographs of yours.I Look forward to your urgent response.
    Best Regards
    Justin Pratt
    Project Director
    Beauty Queen Models Inc.
    Recently shot two girls in the Tampa bay area and posted their pics unknowingly onto a prostitution website. The girls are
    filing suit against him. He is also known to degrade women while shooting them.

    (Comment 2)
    sells his photos without the models knowing to escort services called EROS. He will pay you $100 and you sign a FULL release there is nothing you can do. He may even use your real name with the photos... The paper that has your name on it will be scribbled to the point that you can not read it, it will read EROS ... just don't shoot with him to be safe.

    The Premier Group
    There have been many complaints on these folks and they are downright unethical in many ways. For a start,
    they will steal a model's portfolio (even when they have a manager listed and do not contact the manager) off OMP and then list
    them in a second portfolio they build for the model (many times without the model even knowing about it. They will then send the
    model castings that come through them and try to collect from the model. Their link is at:

    This initially came about when OMP's admin contacted one of our models with this email:

    Original email from OMP:
    From: [email protected] (Webmaster/Admin)
    Date: Tue-Jan-2006

    Hi xxxxxxx,
    It appears as though another portfolio with a subscription has been setup using your images by Premier Talent. Are you aware of this
    and do you approve of the use of you images? Please advise.
    Thank you!

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    Modeling #3

    Adonis Faciane aka On Top Services
    Ring Card Girls for Showtime, HBO and ESPN2!
    Start Date: -- End Date:
    We are shooting boxing events for Showtime, HBO and ESPN2 with great
    exposure to some major players. Our photos also appear in the major
    boxing magazine "Fight Zone."
    All Ethnicities
    Ages 18 to 30

    When you resopond to this casting the contact you wanting you to sign a full mamagement contract that makes you pay them for anything you fo from then on..... They say they are trying yo be your manager.

    GQMADMAX guy his name is Dean Kelly aka [email protected]
    The whole time he had with me down there he spent trying to get me to take my clothes off
    Made passes at me.
    There was no shoot
    He has no stylist, no makeup/hair artist (he takes the girls to the mall to get their makeup done).
    There are a lot of wackos out there and he is at the top. And .... there is much much more quite further out than just this!

    It turns out that this guy is a bigger problem than initially thought. He contacted my boss
    and told him things that I showed him were far from the truth. He has threatened me with "don't **** with my business" which I have in writing. I don't think it is me who is hurting his business, it is his business practices. So... I will say that we have a pile of complaints and people willing to make statements if you want to continue this. Please feel free to send any complaints to us that you have had as we are compiling a file on this guy.

    One Model Essence

    (These folks are in New Zealand and also blast out castings, usually a lot at a time, with N.Z. in their company name)
    in addition to picture collecting, they also ask for a $75 fee to check your credit stating the reason to be if you have to travel out of the
    country they need to make sure you have no prior convictions. This was the red flag that cause me to stop considering them for work.
    But if anyone does go this route with them, they will probably also obtain personal information such as social and birthday date, as
    well as your $75 dollars for nothing in return. They seem very shady.

    (Comment 2)
    I have a girlfriend who has been signed up with them (One model essence) for 5 months. She said she didnt pay anything, but they also havent found her any workjust my little input

    [email protected] aka Profile Link - Member 72749
    Hi xxxx,
    I'm interested in doing a series of photoshoots with you. The pay would be as follows.
    1st shoot 100.00
    2nd shoot 200.00
    3rd shoot 300.00
    4th shoot 400.00
    5th shoot 500.00
    6th shoot 600.00
    7th shoot 700.00
    8th shoot 800.00
    9th shoot 900.00
    10th shoot 1000.00
    11th shoot 1100.00
    12th shoot 1200.00
    13th shoot 1300.00
    14th shoot 1400.00
    15th shoot 1500.00

    All shoots are to be 15-20 outfits and will take 5-6 hours depending on how fast the model changes.




    there could be higher starting pay depending on the models limitations
    After xxxxx called this guy, he spent almost 2 hours asking her about very personal things like masturbation, anal & oral sex, how many
    guys she has slept with, "fingering", etc. all for the purposes of "getting to know her as a model". This guy is on the top of my list as a
    suspicious sexual predator and should be avoided AT ALL COST! Anything posted with the name "mildtoowild" is the name to wary of.
    I hope this helps protect our girls from scumbags like this and helps keep their interest in the industry high. Have a great christmas!

    Adam Rendon aka [email protected]
    Very very rude and unprofessional! Do not respond to his emails!
    He sent an email that I was the perfect fit for a project he was working on and to email him A.S.A.P. I checked out his website and it
    was way too cheap- nudity included style. So I email him saying thanks and that I wasn't interested and I he got back to me with this
    very rude email that I just wasn't the type he needed at all and he was mentioning all this money I would have gotten from it,
    exposure etc. Just very unprofessional and rude. Put him up. I was actually contacted by the last 2 men that are listed on the top of
    the list on "our" site and I do think this one should be added to it.

    Gross and funny story...I was chatting with fans. I got tired and told my boyfriend, to answer
    my IMs cause I was going to make dinner. He always makes me laugh when he answers the difficult ones. Well this guy who runs this site
    rollingriders.com contacted me via IM earlier that he put some images up that I gave him permission to add to his site.When my
    boyfriend starts answering IMs and emails he IMs and starts saying what a horrible birthday he had and he asks me to CAM with him.
    Now my man is the one answering the IMs. We continued to say no...I don't cam...he asked and we told him I have a boyfriend..not
    interested.. he says...no just cause he had a bad day and wanted to chat...so we told him he better not do anything weird we have a
    house full of people and kids and my boyfriend. he said no biggy...just wants to chat...we accept the webcam invite...yeah...he is
    sitting there with his his manhood (or lack there of) in his hand and starting to put on lotion on it...It upset me that someone trying to
    feature models on his site and do business with these girls would do this....VERY CREEPY...I would advise all girls not to work with him..
    Ted aka CALIFORNIA GLAMOUR GIRLS.COM aka [email protected]

    This guy is very strange. He has the girls meet him on Hollywood Blvd. and try on a lot of bikinis. He wants to see what they look good in for a shoot. The only problem is that he had me stay there for 2 1/2 hours, said he liked me, but never called to shoot me. I saw him
    again later at a car show and he was all into me again. I did not care to waste anymore time with him. That was a few hours he wasted for me without getting anything out of it (money or a shoot). Plus he told me
    it was $400. California Glamour Models (this was his casting "job") "This is Ted from CALIFORNIA GLAMOUR GIRLS.COM We are shooting this Saturday and Sunday at the beach with a car or bike in a bikini for our 2005 calendar ASAP at 323-467-1651 $150 - $200.00 email body photo [email protected]"

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    Re: Modeling

    Watch out for Impact Worldwide/Toospoiled/Talent Palooza and Palooza Talent located in Orlando, Fla. and Brentwood, Tennesse. They are selling fake events and the owner Mike Fomkin has also hit on and harassed meny models at his other place of business in NY. And if you worked for him and didn't go to lunch and stuff like that with him he would then turn around and fire you. He is a sick bastard! I think he used to masterbate in his office during open calls also...

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    Re: Modeling

    I too went for a reading with Brent Baum of Ruffian Entertainment. He was way too touchy feely and I thought he was going to kiss me several times. My "audition" lasted 4 hours. I had no clue that readings normally take 5 minutes. This guy is preying on naive girls. Beware

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    adam rendon

    I have been waiting 2 years to recieve a model release form. Of course i am completely aware that i'm not going to get it now. Adam rendon told me i had to undress in front of him in order to feel comfortable in front of the camera. He also persisted that in order for me to become comfortable and relax that i needed to drink a little (i was ********). His wife marlene and him lied to me and told me i couldnt have a copy have the model release form at the time and that they would have to mail it to me. I can not undo this stupid mistake but i can certainly prevent others from making it. He likes to be very sexual while photographing. :mad:

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    Re: Modeling #3

    i read some info about GQMADMAX aka dean kelly, and was wondering whom i may direct the information that i have about him to, and if so, how may i go about it? I would love to see this guy get what he deserves.

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    Re: Modeling

    im certainly not in the modeling agency, but anyone who has an AOL email address or hotmail or yahoo or anything other than a real company email, just stay away from those skeezballs. if they cant cough up the measly $20 for a website and a professional email address how on earth can you trust them.

    i would also suggest contacting the attorney generals office with these skeezballs information and telling them the situation. this is possibly illegal.

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    Re: Modeling #3

    Quote Originally Posted by srad View Post
    GQMADMAX guy his name is Dean Kelly aka [email protected]
    The whole time he had with me down there he spent trying to get me to take my clothes off
    Made passes at me.
    There was no shoot
    He has no stylist, no makeup/hair artist (he takes the girls to the mall to get their makeup done).
    There are a lot of wackos out there and he is at the top. And .... there is much much more quite further out than just this!

    It turns out that this guy is a bigger problem than initially thought. He contacted my boss
    and told him things that I showed him were far from the truth. He has threatened me with "don't **** with my business" which I have in writing. I don't think it is me who is hurting his business, it is his business practices. So... I will say that we have a pile of complaints and people willing to make statements if you want to continue this. Please feel free to send any complaints to us that you have had as we are compiling a file on this guy.
    I'm so sorry to see other models having a bad time with this loser. He just started his own modeling site - from what I've been reading it's because all the legit sites have banned him. I posted an article here http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?p=469272#post469272 about my own bad experience with him. I'm happy to say it isn't nearly as bad as others.

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    Re: Modeling #3

    Quote Originally Posted by LL22 View Post
    i read some info about GQMADMAX aka dean kelly, and was wondering whom i may direct the information that i have about him to, and if so, how may i go about it? I would love to see this guy get what he deserves.
    Just spread the word - the great thing about the internet is it's a great way to get the word out about scammers - he'll keep replying with fake "friends" and "partners" who will vouch for him, but look up those people, and you'll see they are just him hiding behind other names.

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    Re: Modeling

    I posted this elsewhere, but it's relevant here, since we were talking about him in this posting:

    Read about Dean Kelly, owner of Facefuse.com in this Article in the Dallas Morning News:


    And here (he claimed he was shooting for MTV and got called out:


    and http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23189384/

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    Rob Sims and Jessica Savage. WATCH OUT

    I was contacted by Rob Sims Photography via one of my modeling websites. He directed me to his assistant, Jessica Savage, indicating they were interested in me for a shoot.

    I initially got a bad feeling when I spoke to Jessica Savage the first time on the phone. She kept calling me "beautiful" and "hot" and it immediately sent up a red flag for me. I have worked in the modeling industry for the past 10 years and I have never been called pet names like this by anyone who is truly a professional.

    Next, Jessica Savage indicated that in order for me to be one of the 100 girls they scouted in their "nation wide" venture, I would have to "register." Registration to shoot with a photographer? I have shot with probably 20 or more photographers and I've never been asked to "register."

    Come to find out, this "registration" is really a $500 fee I need to pay via paypal, in order to secure my spot. Jessica Savage even suggested to me that if I couldn't afford it I should put it on multiple credit cards or hit up my grandfather. WTF?

    So let me get this straight. They scouted me for their MAV TV show but I have to pay for it? Riiiiiiight.

    Over the phone I asked Jessica Savage to please send me the link to their site and some more information about Rob Sims Photography. She never did.

    She did however, IMMEDIATELY email me the link to paypal so I could "register."

    Obviously I wasn't going to pay a stranger over paypal for a shoot I knew nothing about. Additionally, after looking over the "TV spots" they had gotten for other models that now appear on YouTube, (that they assured me LOTS of people would see-- that look like the beginning of a porn movie) I wrote Jessica Savage an email thanking them for the opportunity but declining.

    She wrote me this email back:

    Thank u so much for taking the time to "research" some of the test shoots and submissions from girls to bikini-all-stars. I agree with you about the videos and the models that u found there. I am constantly redirecting people to our real partnership channels with google. That's what I hate about the internet you know? Wish you could have just waited for me to send the correct links. I'm busier than u can possibly imagine so I won't apologize.

    With your "real job" in marketing I'm sure you've heard of google... Youtube.com/fitmodels is one of our stations where actual fitness cover model clips are. And even with youtube it is taken out of context. I know you haven't seen MAV TV but u will drive yourself crazy now with more educated research since u have egg on your face.

    Also look for 'Teen Fitness' magazine this summer with 4 time gold metal winner olympic athlete and winner of dancing with the stars--Shawn Johnson on the cover....flip to the credits and you will see my name right there next to Rob Sims as assistant photographer. She was such an absolute sweetheart to work with!

    You can even see the pictures of she and I and many many other cover models Rob and I work with on our websites and facebook etc.
    I'm sure you will enjoy kicking yourself at the loss of this opportunity and your lack of research. I'm used to the attitude I get from cheap jaded models that will never ever have a chance without a real connection like the one we offer but for what I get paid in my extremely "lucrative" business I like to laugh about it! City to city we go all over the world trying to discover girls that have what it takes and in between gigs we shoot famous models and olympic athletes you could only dream of meeting darling.

    So, I wish you luck! Fix your eyebrows and really tone up. You are already deleted and make sure to delete us as well! When u can afford to have full HD programming instead of basic TV you will see me all over it as the spokesperson for the station, with the top models we produce and the actual videos that you didn't take the time to research! Make sure you point me out to everyone you know as the bitch you had the unbelievable opportunity of talking to on the phone with once that tried to "scam you" lol Thanks again!

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Last edited by SmartBlonde; 05-17-2010 at 11:22 AM.

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    Re: Modeling

    Recieved email from someone I never heard of. i called San Diego Art Gallery and they never heard of this. so I did a ssearch for this US models forever and turns out it is a scam!.

    Christophe C
    [email protected]

    You were referred to us by a photographer, artist, or agency for our upcoming modeling for art promotion. Your applicantion on file with a sister agency suggest that you generated over $300,000.00 in revenue in one year. We would appreciate an opportunity to interview you for your story to be included in our new book due out this Christmas.
    Special Notice:
    San Diego Art Gallery

    Our collection of online art galleries are on the move to San Diego California where we will provide a brief introduction of the area but mainly to honor local personalities for their tireless efforts to assist the lives of those in need. As part of our promotion we will display our U.S. Model forever series featuring your image that links to your homepage. Therefore if you would like the benefits of having additional traffic directed to your home page or other link please reply with your top three {3} photos to be posted on the gallery home page. Also please provide the url {web link} and we will use our site to promote your site for the remainder of 2010. If you do not currently own or use a home page we can help with that too....
    Thank you
    J. Christophe

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    Re: Modeling

    The main purpose of such a business as a webcam model is to provide users who goes to web with the opportunity to freely communicate with pretty models, flirt and just have a good time, and the web model gets an alternative to an escort of earnings. At the initial stage, the earnings of the model were only 20% of the total amount, while the cost of one minute of chat was $ 1-2. Even under such conditions, the models managed to earn decently, because the scheme was new and was popular among users

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    Re: Modeling

    This business model is so shady...

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