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    Tek-Collect Scam or Legit Employment Opportunity?

    Just interviewed for a sales associate rep job at Tek-Collect. You've probably seen the ads, they're all over careerbuilder.com & monster. The ad reads well (albeit too good to be true) but at the interview a few things caught my attention:

    1. The pay is all commission, no salary, no benefits

    2. All cold calling, it is reccomended you duplicate your efforts by hiring someone (mlm?)

    3. You have to pay $350 upfront for training (this is refunded when you produce $6k in sales)

    4. The bonuses are Omaha Steaks?

    5. 6 others were subject to a 60 minute presentation during what was supposed to be my interview time.

    6. They receptionist answered the phone with 7 different company names.

    7. The site claims 30 years in business but the state sites indicate @a year.

    8. No telephone number listed & the number the rep gave me was untrackable although claimed to be the office number.

    9. The rep recruiting me was blowing so much smoke it was getting hard to breathe.

    10. The clients are supposed to pre-pay for collection efforts. ie TC already has the clients money why bother with the collection?

    11. When asked the recruiter could not provide any detail about the actual reps doing the collection - not even their location.

    12. The presentation was kinda smarmy, something a bad friend would subject you to if they wanted you involved in a pyramid scheme.

    13. I cannot find anything about this company other than their site, the state info & the numerous recruiting ads.

    Has anyone heard anything about legitimate employment with this company? Thanks

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    Re: Tek-Collect Scam or Legit Employment Opportunity?

    never pay for a job. Heckfire, with the turnover rate in Telemarketing, some firms will pay you bonus just for showing up for your first shift.
    Sounds like this lot are scamming with both hands; collecting up front from clients for collection efforts, and collecting up front from employees for the "privilege" of working for them.
    Telemarketing is always gonna have that "used car (odometer rolled back) smell".
    Debt collection...is neccessary, but working that job takes a brass set, and rhinoceros hide integuement.
    There are jobs going begging, if you possess the set and the skin; you don't need to pay for "training"

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    Re: Tek-Collect Scam or Legit Employment Opportuni

    This may be one of those "new" companies that buy lists of debts that the original compay has given up on and has written off as bad debt. TEK probably buys the info, then proceeds to hound the debtor some more. The republicans legitimized this, so it is now legal. Unless you go bankrupt, the creditors NEVER have to let you go. If what I've read is true, I don't believe the statute of limitations even applies, since when TEK takes on the debt, the clock starts over. This is literaly a new form of credit hounding that didn't exist 5 years ago. Welcome to Amerika... Land of endless opportunity (If you are already rich) That is why the job is 100% commission, because the money is pretty much 100% pure profit for TEK.

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