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    how do i sign up?

    this is my 1st post so id like to say hello to everyone!!!

    i just had a quick question and i hope that someone can help me. i am new to this whole free gift card thing so im running into some problems.
    i have tried to go and sign up at a few sites such as bigwin and things like that. but when i try to get a password so i can acess my prizes i never recieve an email from the company!
    does anyone have advice for me?

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    Re: how do i sign up?

    Yeah, it's called the search function.

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    Re: how do i sign up?

    For YF direct sites, you can "confirm" your account by using the following structure (obviously, you have to substitute the correct site name and your e-mail address):

    "www.everyfreegift.com/[email protected]"

    Not sure if bigwin is YF direct, but this worked for me on a YF direct site.

    Good Luck!

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