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    The Strong Delusion

    Are Aliens-UFOs real or are they all hoaxes? – Is this phenomenon burgeoning? – What do high level military, intelligence, government, & corporate officials believe and reveal about this subject? – Are Aliens-UFOs extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional? Do aliens really come from other far away planets or does the scientific evidence disprove this theory? – Are Aliens benevolent or malevolent? – Is the UFO-Alien phenomenon closely linked with the occult, paranormal & New Age? – Are Aliens demonic & fallen angelic spirit beings? Are these space brothers, demons, fallen angels, ascended masters, and aliens all one and the same? – Are people really being abducted? – Are people really able to stop & terminate abductions in the name & authority of Jesus Christ? – What does the Bible say about UFOs-Aliens? Are there prophecies and warnings about them? – What messages do these entities bring? What is the Alien Gospel? Is it the same repacked lies that the Devil, Satan, the serpent deceived Eve with in the Garden of Eden? – Do these alien messages constantly attack the Bible, the deity of Jesus Christ, and the biblical teachings surrounding Jesus Christs crucifixion and shedding of his blood, death, burial and resurrection

    If so, Why?









    The Bible refer to the Great Deception, The Strong Delusion.
    It refers to Satan counterfeit prophecies and kingdom.
    It refers that all the world will be deceived, and almost the elect…
    I believe that there will be a real rapture later after the fake. People in the world will believe that they receive a new name under God, maybe new body too(transhumanism, genetic,cloning…) and their just received the Mark of the Beast and the Day of the Lord is coming. I’m NOT dogmatic about this

    1/3 of the Angels Fell, they became the gods of the old time, as their progeny, the Nephilims, half-human and half-angel. There’s a lot of different races and the “anunnakis” are only a part of them. (Stop reading Sitchin’s lies… for your own sake.)

    Two other events listed in scripture as a sign which must occur before the great Day of the Lord arrives are found in II Thes 2:3. Paul in referring to the Day of the Lord says “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sine be revealed, the son of perdition.”

    The first event listed here that must occur before the Day of the Lord is the great falling away. The word used in the Greek for falling away is apostasia, which basically means backsliding, falling away. The great falling away will be a time when professing Christians, in large numbers, will turn away from the faith. We can only speculate as to the exact reasons why this will occur, however there are many plausible theories, which if brought to light may help some to not fall away and turn to the true gospel when that time comes.

    In order for a great falling away to take place I believe that an alternative belief system to what is presented in the Bible will be promoted with such believability that nominal Christians, not true Christians, will reject the God of the Bible.

    Specifically I am talking about the alternative theory to the Bible that has been promoted by satan in the world for many years, namely; the alien deception. For many years demons have been masquerading as aliens.

    If you have ever researched the UFO phenomena from a conservative Biblical perspective it is has been clearly shown by many researchers that aliens are demons. William Goetz in his very informative book entitled UFOs Friend, Foe, or Fantasy? Wrote; “I am prepared to “tread the dangerous territory,” for I am quite convinced that the evidence reveals UFOs to be demonic.”John Ankerberg and John Weldon in summary of their findings in their booklet Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena wrote

    “…the fact that all UFO phenomena are consistent with the demonic theory, indicate that this explanation is the best possible answer for the solution to the UFO mystery.

    Well-known Christian author David Hunt in a tract entitled The Cult Explosion writes, “UFOs…are clearly not physical and seem to be demonic manifestations from another dimension, calculated to alter man’s way of thinking.” And how do they alter man’s thinking? One way is through their messages. Here are a select few of them:

    “We human souls all began simultaneously as ‘sparks from God’- as did souls in other galaxies…Space beings are now rushing into earth as seldom before to awaken earthlings and help them realize that [unless better ways to settle disputes are found] destruction is imminent.”

    And another “We are coming in great numbers, not with any intention of harm, but to rescue the earth from pollution and nuclear explosions.” In the past I have also read of various messages that communicated these premises; “UFOs started life on this planet.” “Jesus was an alien; that is why He had miraculous powers.” “UFOs put Christianity and other religions here to keep the masses in control.” “UFOs will send a world ruler to bring peace to your planet.” These and others like these are all messages that aliens have delivered to people in recent years. In fact there is a man who calls himself the prophet Yahweh who claims; “UFO’s and spaceships appear on my signal.” He has a website where one can view these sightings. On May 29, 2005 he called down UFOs in front of television cameras by praying and quoting the Old Testament.

    The video clip can be viewed at http://wm-ondemand.abacast.com/proph...h/ABCnews1.wmv
    He also has very interesting claim on his website that reveals the full intention of UFO’s, and that is to deceive people into believing that the Bible is false and that Jesus was an alien.

    Thus one can conclude that satan and his demonic forces are orchestrating a great deception. Here is a quote that reveals the greatest purpose of their deception

    “Aliens utilize standard New Age terminology when they communicate with their human ‘contactees’. The best illustration of this is their teaching to the ‘contactees’ that ‘the Ascended Masters of the Hierarchy’ are preparing to intervene again in world History, to lead mankind to a higher level of consciousness. ‘They will select a human person and endow him with superhuman powers and knowledge. This man will lead us to world government and world peace.’

    Those versed in Bible knowledge can readily recognize this coming world ruler as the antichrist.

    “Now, the time has come, the Aliens say, for them to intervene again in world history. This time they will intervene to save man from himself…. These Aliens will accomplish all this by raising up a man who will be imbued with a special level of consciousness…. of course, this man will be Maitreya the Christ, the Anti-Christ.”

    It is easy to see that one of the purposes of UFOs is to condition people to accept the antichrist. That fact alone should make it clear that UFOs are demons. I also believe that they are going to be part of a grand deception designed to get people to turn away from God and abandon Christianity. I believe that they are going to be used to deceive many people into believing the lie that Jesus was an alien, and that UFOs started life on earth. And I also believe that the coming antichrist will, with great signs and wonders, get people to believe this lie and may even proclaim himself as the alien who started life on earth. In other words he will proclaim himself as god. I would not be surprised that one-day we will see UFO’s on the lawn of the Whitehouse.

    As the return of Christ draws near the deception will get stronger and gain greater acceptance. On May 11, 2004 the Mexican Department of Defense held an official press conference stating that one of their military planes had encountered aliens. They even provided video of the event. This is the first time that a government has officially recognized the existence of aliens.

    The “alien deception” has been fostered by the many UFO sightings and encounters that have been witnessed and documented, as evidenced in the photo above from Australia and the second one from a deep space camera, and also by Hollywood that has produced many feature films promoting the idea that UFO’s are real. One such film designed to promote this deception was E.T. This is what a group of 8 people who have had UFO encounters said about the movie E.T., “This is a true movie, not a romance. It’s part of a conditioning process to prepare us for the arrival of alien beings.”

    Their deception has even been caught by weather satellite. Check out the short movie at the footnoted link below to see a very large UFO move across the earth.

    The theory that there are aliens, and that they started life on earth is false. We have already discussed that many researchers have, as a result of careful investigation, concluded that aliens and UFOs are nothing more than demons. Furthermore it has been shown that the only planet in our solar system that can sustain life is the Earth. Thus, if aliens are really visitors from another planet, then they had to come from another solar system. The only problem is that the nearest solar system is so far away that space travel would be impossible without the use of a time machine. The time machine theory may also become part of the deception.

    As we have already discussed some are claiming that Jesus was an alien and that he came to Earth to establish a religion to help keep our planet in control. This also is false because if Jesus was an alien then He was a liar. And if he were a liar then that character trait would manifest itself in His life. However this was not the case, Jesus did not have the character of a liar. His character was above reproach, He was well spoken of and without guile, no sin was found in Him. Jesus also manifested many works that showed that He could not be an alien but was and is the one true God. Can aliens bring people back to life? Can aliens answer prayer? Can aliens have a perfect knowledge of the future? Can aliens create life? Can aliens have existed from before time? The answers to all these questions are a resounding NO! If aliens are real then who made them? There had to be a beginning somewhere the only beginning for everything is God, God is the beginning. That is the first thing that God reveals to us in His Word. That He is the beginning. “In the beginning God …” He created the universe and all things therein. He is the “alpha and omega ” the beginning and the end. By the arguments presented in this article the idea that aliens started life on this planet is false and is a deception of the devil.

    The falling away that will occur before the Day of the Lord will most likely be precipitated by the alien deception and other factors, which we will delve into in later chapters. I have gone into some depth concerning the alien deception because I believe that it will play a large part in the great falling away that will take place before the Day of the Lord.

    “When these demonic Aliens appear in their machines obviously more advanced than ours, a lot of people are going to lose faith in Christianity…. Because satan and his demons can temporarily alter physical reality if God allows it, they will be able to deceive the great majority of mankind. More people will lose their faith because of the appearance of demonic aliens and their UFO craft than any other time in world history!”

    Unfortunately many Christians have no understanding of the reality of demons and their deceptive nature. Some Christians have even been deceived already and believe that UFOs are actually beings from other planets. In a recent poll conducted in the spring of 2005 almost 2/3 of all Americans believe that extraterrestrial life exists on other planets and the same survey also reported that 46% of regular churchgoers also believe too. I pray that many will be able to see through the deception.

    You can see this alien lie everywhere in the new age, from Commandant Asthar and the Galactic Confederation to the Maitreya and the Ascended Masters.

    I heard SO MUCH testimonies and all the new age/occult stuff is written by contactees, through automatic writings…

    This is the Coming Great Deception.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: The Strong Delusion

    This is the Coming Great Deception.
    But first, it seems like the Great Stupidity has arrived.
    "Religion is a heavy suitcase: all you have to do is put it down."
    "I have read the bible...more than once. I was not impressed nor was I so moved to give up my ability to think for myself and surrender my knowledge of facts for the unfounded belief in a mythical sky-fairy." - Me.

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    Re: The Strong Delusion

    Are Aliens-UFOs real or are they all hoaxes?.....blah blah blah blah....etc. (conjecture and emotion)....etc

    This is the Coming Great Deception.
    It seems to me that this is a perfect example of why its so important for each of us to look into our personal beliefs and learn to discern fact from fiction in our minds, and not just settle for some crap that we want desperately to believe in and saying to ourselves "It makes me feel so good to believe it, so it must be true!"

    How does the preposterous beliefs some have in the Christian bible and the "possible" existence of aliens on Earth, that apparently haven't taken the planet over yet, affect you personally, Paladine?

    So what if they are here and won't make their presence known. What can, or should you do about it?

    Have you ever thought that these "woo woo" ideas are holding your thinking back?

    Beliefs which can be tested and verified are "keepers," until they are replaced by those which are more logical and practical, in the light of new evidence.

    It is my experience that the "woo woo" in my life had to fall away because it was holding me back, as I found it simply superfluous, stagnant, and a time-waster.

    It might be high time for you believers and promoters of superstition to awaken from your self-imposed sleep state and look reality squarely in the face.

    Your "Great Deception" is self-imposed.
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    Most people can't think, most of the remainder won't think, the small fraction who do think mostly can't do it very well. The extremely tiny fraction who think regularly, accurately, creatively, and without self-delusion- in the long run these are the only people who count... Robert Heinlein

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