Is there a real Hollow Earth?
What does science say and what does the bible tell us.
Is hell a real physical place?
What do the scriptures say about the origins of Giants before and after the flood?
What has recent science discovered about pre-flood conditions and giantism?
Why Giant Fossil remains, bones and mummies are not viewed in public museums?

The videos below go into details on the the Nazi, Theosophy, UFOs, Aliens, the Thule and Vril Society, Time Travel, Stargates, the Antarctic War, WW2, Hollow Earth, hidden archeology, the supernatural, Fallen Angels, Nephilim, genetic engineering, symbolism, the Bible, the New World Order and much more.

Conventional History mentions astrology as the occult beliefs of the Nazis. In truth the entire Nazi organization was Occult based. but what were the details that led the Nazis to discover things completely outside of the box.
Hollow Earth, Nazi UFOs, cloning and the possible breaching of space and time, the Nazis were pioneers into realms unthought of, which their occult beliefs produced. Stranger yet is the fact that this was all predicted in the Bible!

Nazis believed their Nordic Gods came from outer space. They believed their pure blood relatives lived in a Hollow Earth. In 1938 they went on a occult based search for them and found something.

See how the Nazi SS scientists deciphered ancient myths and mysteries into technology that produced UFOs

Why did the Nazis have such technology? Why didn't they win the war? The answer to this and many more questions about Nazi UFOs and sightings in general are answered here.

The biggest battle in all of History was WWII. The most damage and loss of lives, do you really think it is not mentioned in the Bible. WWII is one of the most important prophetic pieces of the puzzle that we need to know now!

There is a remarkable connection to the early UFO sightings and the contactee phenomena with Nazi ideology. Can they both be saying the same thing? Find out how this is just a change of presentation of the same agenda.

The message and personal backgrounds of leading "contactees" are more than coincidence to their occult and Nazi connections. See how this is a continuation of the Nazi plan to win the hearts and minds of Americans and in turn the World!

An army of Locust comes out of the bottomless pit mentioned in Revelation 9 and Joel 2. What could this mean and how does it have anything to do with events today? Could it be the 'Army the Darkness'?

See how this fake 2nd Coming may play out using false doctrines and a twisting of Biblical prophecy and the well known Washington Vision.

This video gives you many of the scriptures that tell you of the truths to this end time deception. A technology not magic is provided to mankind that makes them think they are independent and not in any need of God.

Jim Wilhelmsen is not the first to make this Nazi connection to UFOs but is the first to make the Biblical prophetic connection to it.

From the author of "Beyond Science-Fiction", Rev. Jim Wilhelmsen talks about Parallel Dimensions, Time, Space, Eternity, the Power of Blood, the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, Stargates, genetic engineering, UFOs, Aliens, Fallen Angels, Angels, God's Kingdom and the Bible.

Stories like Creation, the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel have been presented with child like imagery. But what does the original language tell us from a 21st century perspective? You will be amazed to the clarity and logic of re-discovering the scriptures beyond fairy tale like stories. There is a reality that exists with logic to these stories never before understood.

Blood is associated with changes made because of Eden. This ties into parallel dimensions but first we need to see the myths and legends about blood which leads us to the study of Vampires.

Lift up your eyes and see what this is that goes forth...and this is their resemblance throughout the earth...Here is a metallic disk lifted up...This is Wickedness" Zechariah 5:5-8p

Angels, Demons, Nephilim and Aliens
Angels, Demons, Nephilim and Aliens PT1 - YouTube

The Hollow Earth & its Inhabitants
The Hollow Earth & Its Inhabitants: Jim Wilhelmsen - YouTube

New Age & Nazi UFO Deception
New Age/Nazi UFO Deception: Jim Wilhelmsen - YouTube

The True Story Behind Roswell
The True Story Behind Roswell: Jim Wilhelmsen - YouTube

Nazi Antarctic War, U-Boats & UFOs
US-Operation High-Jump, Nazi Antarctic War, U-Boats, UFOs - Adrian Salbuchi - YouTube.flv - YouTube

Parallel Dimensions & Power of Blood
Jim Wilhelmsen _ Parallel Dimensions _ Power of Blood - - YouTube

Lucifer's Plan for the Future
Jim Wilhelmsen - Lucifer's Plan for the Future - - YouTube

The Real History of man made UFOS

THE new World Order...It's ALL about it. PURE luciferianism.