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    watch our for a guy named Roman from australia pushing omstar MLM
    run by a scamer known as piccolo check them out on google

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    Re: omstar

    This is for stream directors: I went to your meeting in Houston and was unimpressed; they served city water, at a meeting in the Hilton Airport!!! No coffee no sodas no bottled water the main speaker is a exec director. Making supposedly million plus a year either too too greedy and doesn't care to show success or doesn't care what other people think or they are lying on how much money they are actually making. I have put on too many meetings like that and if they asked me to come and talk and were serving chlorinated city water I would decline. If I decided to join your company I would not take my new people to any meeting like that.
    Question why on earth was the speaker there??? Sorry if I was making that kind of money I would not be at some meeting wasting my time with you. Isnít this is what the MLM is all about retiring and do what you want? This is what they teach any way. Quiet frankly putting on meetings is not my life goal. I would say the only reason he was there because he has to keep working to get his down line a famous MLM ploy.
    Another question: let's say you join and make your down line and are making letís say $10,000 a month and you say to heck with the meetings my people, fin for yourself, do you have a quota to have every month to get your down line profits? If you say no you get your down line forever then I want this in writing.
    I have another concern about your organization does Stream care about customers? You may think this is a dumb question but the prove is in the pudding so to speak or actions speak louder then words. You talk about 3 and 10 for salesman but there is no talk about the customer. What do I mean you pay 50 cents for a customer? You know as well as I do that the majority of people are not salesman and wouldn't have clue on how to do it much less be motivated. Look at Am-Way most become their own customers they have their garages and basements loaded with product. Why because they will not get their down line until they buy their qualifying products monthly. This is what made Amy -Way successful and the ones that were the sales people became filthy rich off American Joe. The customer is important he or she should get paid for signing up their uncleís cousinís brothers and sisters without entering the world of sales, if they cared about signing up customers then why doesnít stream make it worth the average Joe out there to sign up all their friends. Without them getting in the selling part of the business, they could start a program specifically for them by paying them a renewal for getting electric customers for stream.
    The way it is now there is no incentive for Joe to do this. I will tell you this look in anybodies down line the majority doesnít sell. They are the stability of any company and or down line, the customer not the salesman; they will reach more customers for stream then any super salesman. Why because there are more of them then us in any organization?

    Last why do you have so many complaints through the BBB, 86 complaints as when the company started which was in 2005? Interested go to this : http://www.dallas.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=50&bbb=0875&firm=90018895
    Also why arenít you a member? This is a baby industry not like Reliant who have been in business for umpteen years. This is not a good track record I would not do business with a company or ebay business that has had that many complaints for a relatively short operating career as stream has and neither would you. Would you buy any thing or could you trust a Ebayer who had that kind of track record?

    Respectfully Terry

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    Re: Omstar - This is Stream Energy "NOT OMSTAR"!


    Stream Energy
    Phone:(214) 800-4400
    Fax:(214) 800-4440
    Address:1950 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 6053
    Dallas, TX 75207-3141
    Original Business Start Date:February 2005
    Principal:Mr. Chris Domhoff, Founder & Managing Partner
    Customer Contact:Mr. Paul Theis, Dir. Marketing & Communication - (214) 800-4400
    Email Address:pault@streamenergy.net
    TOB Classification:Electric Companies, Multi-Level Selling Co.
    BBB Accreditation:This company is not a BBB Accredited business.

    Additional DBA Names
    Ignite Ltd.
    Ignite Inc.
    Stream Gas & Electric

    Nature Of Business
    Stream Energy provides energy service. Also, Stream Energy has a marketing division called Ignite which offers a multi-level marketing business opportunity selling Stream Energy services.