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    Re: Dream Stealers! Words from a Cult!

    Big Steelers Fan are you really bored lately or something? You're certainly getting around the forum... haha
    I do not believe that MLM/Network Marketing is a bad business model. I believe it's the shady people in MLM that make it LOOK bad. As long as you work hard, run your business ethically, and work with ethical people, then MLM can help you reach your financial goals... whether it's just to make extra money on the side or a full-time income.

    "Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level and beat you with years of experience."

    Pink Zebra Sprinkles

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    Re: Dream Stealers! Words from a Cult!

    Quote Originally Posted by April47 View Post
    See $200 is still high to me. Ours is under $100.

    ...and you can't really blame the company for what the upline is pushing him to do. Granted if they are being taught this BY the company at national events then, yeah, blame the company... but otherwise he just ended up with a horrible, unethical upline. They're not all like that. Tell your friend to tell his upline to shove it... it's people like that that give MLM a bad name.

    Also I don't think you realize just how diverse some of these comp plans are. I don't know what company your friend is in so I can't really say anything about that particular comp plan, but some of these plans encourage personal sales, and some encourage downline building, so the plan really does matter when it comes to how people build their business.
    Exactly. You have just proven my point so handsomely. See, you say you don't recruit and your upline isn't pushing you to do anything. And you are making money because you are taking away the "ML" aspect of "MLM"!!! A person who is just retailing and earning commission, is no different from another salesperson in the non-MLM world. Sure you can make money if you don't carry inventory, buy low and sell high!!! But once you get into the "ML" aspect of "MLM", the focus becomes recruiting (some more than others) and 99% end up losing their shirts. The more "ML" is involved, the less chance you have in making money.

    Quote Originally Posted by April47 View Post
    I think the whole thing that makes Vibe different from the store brands is, not the StarTrek science or whatever, but the mineral size. Either way, I just know that SOMETHING is different because my family and I have always taken vitamins and none of them have had the effect on us that Vibe has... I was especially surprised by my stepdad's reaction... he was almost as skeptical as you are and it took my mom 7 months of convincing to just get him to try it. Now I don't think you could pay him to stop taking it.
    Mineral size heh? That they use some lasers/magnets whatever to break up the molecules into tiny whatevers so your body can more easily absorb it? Just open up any high school chemistry or biology textbook to see how BULLS#!+ this is. And I am sure your stepdad had done a double-blind test to confirm what he felt wasn't something he wanted himself to feel after paying $60 for it (which he could get for $3.99 from elsewhere)?

    You see, even though you maybe earning money, but you can't get away from the fact that products in MLM are way too expensive for what they really are and there is virtually no market for it except for the distributors themselves (plus their close friends and relatives). They have to rely on exaggerated claims to sell and what else can they do. You can keep on denying it but your prospects are not dumb and they know. Ask yourself, if network marketing is so great, why isn't your business growing? Aren't your clients supposed to tell their friends how great this Vibe thing is and more and more people would be interested in it and buy more from you? I am not even talking about recruiting, just people learning a "great product" and "referring" the sales to you. But it isn't happening the way you expected it to, is it?

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    Re: Dream Stealers! Words from a Cult!

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Steelers Fan View Post
    Words of "Wisdom" from a source who claims to have a MASTERS DEGREE
    and hang out a www.scam.com

    Nice "story" Successful ...
    We get clowns like "Successful Juggernaut" here all the time. They claim to be 25 years old, "successful", retired, a millionaire (MLM made him rich of course), and well-educated. Of course he writes like a high school kid and can't even break up one looooooooong paragraph into multiple ones for easier reading. The stuff he put here (copied and pasted) was just something fed to him by his cult, ur, I mean MLM business.

  4. 11-12-2007, 11:16 AM

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    Re: Dream Stealers! Words from a Cult!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyst View Post
    We get clowns like "Successful Juggernaut" here all the time. They claim to be 25 years old, "successful", retired, a millionaire (MLM made him rich of course), and well-educated. Of course he writes like a high school kid and can't even break up one looooooooong paragraph into multiple ones for easier reading. The stuff he put here (copied and pasted) was just something fed to him by his cult, ur, I mean MLM business.
    The 69 year old owner and founder of International Galleries Inc (a bankrupt product based pyramid scheme) Stanley A. Leitner has been convicted in federal court on all 27 counts for his Megafund Ponzi scheme. He could spend the rest of his life in prison when sentenced in April.

    FBI Report


    Argyle man convicted in $15 million investment scam

    Megafund rep hit with $9.4 million judgement


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