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    Master Chef Australia Is Awesome

    First and foremost I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan. I watch all his shows. The British and American ones. Master Chef is my favorite so far.

    So when I found all the Master Chef Australia online to download, I couldn't resist.

    52 episodes of pure awesomeness. I love it even more than the American version.Even though Gordon and Joe are not on it, I have grown to love the crew.

    Restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan, chef George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston serve as the show's main judges. They each are lovable and excited about food.

    The main difference between this show and the American one is that this show is SOOOOO much more supportive, loving, caring, and passion about the dishes and competition. The American one is more competitive and cut throat.

    If there's any Master Chef fans out there, please show your support here. I have learned tons of cooking advice and have gotten inspiration to cook some great meals.

    Master Chef Australia Wikipedia

    MasterChef Australia 2012 - Official Site

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    Re: Master Chef Australia Is Awesome

    testing 1 2 3 .......cant stand the ASSHOLE!? must be american version i saw!? : :judges: :crazy1: :
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