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    Be careful when buying IonCube (www.ioncube.com)

    I bought IonCube Encoder (www.ioncube.com) to protect my intellectual properties from being stolen. However, after I purchased IonCube, not only the software doesn't work to encode many of my PHP files, but also the support is very awful, horrible and arrogant.

    Every time I submitted a ticket, they always said that it was my fault and not their software. In facts, all my PHP files are working fine without encoding but always get errors when they are encoded with this software.

    Even worse, not sure why, they blocked my account from their forum and deleted my posts. I never said something bad or harmful, but it seems to me they want to avoid taking responsibility of their not-as-advertised software.

    They don't want to let other potential buyers to see the weaknesses of their software which I think is unfair. People should know the strengths and weaknesses of something they want to buy before they spend their money.

    One more important thing I want to add, they will ask for your information before you can buy. I think this violates the Internet Privacy laws because they keep your vital information which is dangerous because we never know if their site is safe from being hacked. Even big sites like banking or master card can be hacked. If you look at their site, their site is very simple and surely will be very easy to be hacked.

    They only sell software which is delivered digitally via download or email. Why would they want to keep our physical home address and phone? What's the physical address used for since they don't send the good via post? Doesn't make any sense to me.

    I write this post to let people know to be careful if you want to purchase this trash. Don't be like me who regret so much spending almost $400 for nothing.

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    Re: Be careful when buying IonCube (www.ioncube.com)

    Just for information and to correct a few inaccuracies:

    * Order approval and fraud
    We receive payments using stolen credit cards and hijacked PayPal accounts on a near daily basis, most of which fail to get spotted by the payment processors. Over 10 years we have developed very successful fraud detection strategies that we use in making best efforts to detect and refund such payments as quickly as possible, rather than being impotent and passing on the inevitable chargeback and other costs to customers through higher prices. In this case the customer provided invalid details that did not allow us to verify the payment as being made by who it was claimed to be from, nor allowing us to issue a valid software license. When queried they indicated that they would prefer a refund than give their details, so we happily gave an immediate refund. They subsequently placed a new order.

    * Software problems
    It was explained with two Helpdesk support tickets in detail how to use certain features when the user was trying to use them incorrectly.

    * Forum access
    Accounts to our community Forum may be blocked following abuse, but in this case the user had simply forgotten their password. There are spam filters and content may be moved if it violates policies, though no posts were deleted or moved in this case. Automated spam filtering may be have been triggered but we were never emailed post content (though we did ask) so could not advise.

    * Evaluations
    Free software evaluations are available so that potential customers can try before they buy. Full support is available during trials, and we allow further evaluations to be installed as necessary should more time be required. Most customers purchase on recommendation alone and never evaluate, but evaluations are a great way to learn about and test the product. The customer did obtain an evaluation in October 2009.
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