I dropped my Godsons off at a soccer camp and had some time to kill. So of course I end up 4 pounds of American pork at this awesome rib "joint" (new fav word...use it 15 times a day now).

So anyway.... I went to this wood store. (hahahaa I said wood) and started talking to this oldtimer about whittling. Well $100 later I have two books, a piece of mohagany, two knives, and a sharpener.

Maybe I should insure my fingers since typing is my livlihood and I will ironically cut my fingers off. I will post my first projects pics.

I plan on sitting under the stars at night and use this as a creative stress reliever. I will try and make a flute and start a mouse parade ;)

If you like to whittle, please post. Seems like a dead art form....but who knows.