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    If It's Too Good to Be True...

    I received the following email today, which seemed too good to be true. Note the broken English. It looks like one of those Nigerian scam emails. I checked the website out and it also contains misspellings and broken English.

    A check on Whois.net shows a lot of connections to Russia. Beware.


    My name is Alex Moore, and I'm the hiring manager in AcrossWorldFinance
    Company. You can find more about our company at
    Our company offers wide range of international financial services. We
    working for over than 5 years in the Europe and USA. We have excellent
    reputation, wide partners and clients network, and big plans. We want
    offer you our position of US or European Financial Manager.
    Please, visit our website at www.acrossworldfinance.org for more
    First, let me explain.
    There is a new law in European Union, which says that if a company
    receive payment from our customers, we have to pay VAT (Value Added
    from incoming amount. But this law says that if we receive payment from
    employee, we DO NOT pay this tax. So we can save money, give you
    to earn some money, and make our services cheaper. This procedure is
    clear and legal.
    What do you have from that? - 5% from incoming transfer. As you can see
    can afford that. You get money for every transfer, as soon as it is
    in your account. You do not wait for paycheck or monthly salary. You
    part-time and commission-based job. About time you will have to waste -
    couple of hours per week. You receive information about incoming
    receive it, get instructions where to redirect - and send it. That's
    Most of the job is done over the Internet.
    How much can you earn from that? - it's up to you. Your speed, activity
    responsibility.Average monthly income is US$1700-2500, or EUR 1500-2000
    European Managers. If we see that you are active, responsible and
    trustworthy, we process several projects through you, so you have
    income and knowlege.
    Is it legal? - That's the most important question from our partners.
    YES, it
    is absolutely legal. Before start, we sign contract, that shows all
    responsibilities and duties. Every transfer is protected by contracts
    agreements, invoices and all documents. We are not interested in
    you into any illegal activity. We need long time and profitable
    How can you join us? - please, visit our website, for more information.
    There you will find application form - please, fill it, and our
    will contact you shortly. Direct ling is
    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Good Luck.

    P.S. If you want to know where did we find your e-mail information - we
    officially purchased E-Mail marketing campaign at
    www.benchmarkemail.com .
    Your email should have been in their database."

    The paragraphs were also misaligned as above. My opinion: It looks illegal.


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    Re: If It's Too Good to Be True...

    It is...I guarentee it...

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    Re: If It's Too Good to Be True...

    How many offers have you had in your life that are "too-good-to-be-true" that have actually worked out? I've spent the last 20 years looking into every business opportunity trying to determine if there's a unique angle or huge potential I can somehow duplicate. Never in my life have I seen a too good to be true opportunity work out.

    Some of these offers, like the Nigerian Scam letter, must target very inexperienced people, or those with little to no common sense.

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