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Thread: New DVD format

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    New DVD format

    This is a retail scam on the largest level.

    Manufacturers are starting to produce DVD in a new Blue-Ray format and a High-Def DVD format. Niether one are compatable with older DVD players. This means that everyone who has spent hundreds(or thousands) on procuring a DVD collection will now have to toss all their old format and be expected to buy the new format. Most likely with a large premium attached.

    Why is it that we are still looking at this old technological way of storing data to begin with?


    There are far better ways to store data in formats that can be expanded almost indefinately. You could add just as many anti-copy technologies to a Flash reader as you could to a DVD, and already we are seeing Flash chips in excess of 32 GigBytes. If the movie companies wanted to they could start using some of these technologies, mass produce them and voila! instant medium. Just imagine how small your Flash-movie player could be too. No more need for big bulky motors to spin optical drives. No more moving parts.

    No more need to constantly replace your entire library every time the movie companies sales start to drop off... Oh... I guess thats why. Since you keep buying into the new media's they will just keep changing them. Good deal for them.........

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    Re: New DVD format

    good for us. those that dont want to "get with it' can suffer at watching poor quality crap.

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