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    Interesting thing happened to my company recently as I posted reviews of wizetrade and reviews of investools stock trading software at www.aqy.net. I began receiving c&d letters from globaltec solutions citing that I was in violation of their copyright by using their name on our site. We removed the name wizetrade completely from the site replacing it with "a stock software platform". Some of the reviews are favorable while others are not. I imagine that they are afraid that perhaps their software is not all they advertise it to be. Its just interesting to me that a company would spend so much time and energy on any negative feedback about their product. You would think they would appreciate all customer reviews as constructive criticism...

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    Re: Wizetrade

    They can not legally stop you from displaying their name in review. Just an example. When CNET gives bad review to high-tech product, manufacturer never threatens them with C&D. Why. Because manufacturer is not building bad quality product on purpose like Wizetrade.

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    Re: Wizetrade

    you are NOT infringing copyright by using teh name 'wizetrade' in a review of it.

    To cover your ass, use 'wizetrade (tm)' or at the end of the article say 'Wizetrade is a trademark of xxx'.

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    Re: Wizetrade

    they just started again with them for the wizetrade reviews i posted at www.busr.com and www.eyw.net. i think you are probably right. i need to check with a lawyer and find out for sure because i believe that internet based law is still very much in its baby stages...

    theres just not a lot of precedent for it i guess. do any of you know about and written info on the subject?
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    Re: Wizetrade

    Quote Originally Posted by borisf96
    Because manufacturer is not building bad quality product on purpose like Wizetrade.

    true as true can be...

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