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    Adam Markhams Quad System

    I sent money away for this system I think it was about $29.95 and it was some info telling you how to make money selling a product and it listed a couple that they sell that you can resell and make huge profits, sooo I sent out $300 FOUR MONTHS ago and have never recieved anything.... I wrote a letter a couple months ago asking where my product was because I hadn't recieved it and I was getting anxious, and still no response. Now $300 down the drain and I don't know how to get it back or what to do.. QUAD SYSTEMS ADAM MARKHAM... they have SCAMMED ME! has this happened to anyone else?

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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System


    They have an unsatisfactory record with the BBB (Link here.

    Have you filled a report with the BBB, Attorney General (in your state and in New York, the consumer agencies, the FTC and IC3? If you need to find out how, I have a whole page of contact info: http://www.workfromhomeguide.net/beenscammed.html (posting here is #7 on the list)

    Remember my motto for when you have been scammed: Don't get Mad, get legal. It's more likely to put them out of business.

    My own effort to combat the scams:
    Work from Home Guide.

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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System

    This guy has been in business for at least 2 years. I sent in for the $25 information booklet in 2004. I decided at that time not to buy his products. I have received information 2 more times at this point- same exact information. In July of 2006 I decided to buy the $300 product as the timing is better for me. He cashed my check on 8/3/06 and I have received nothing. I have written 2 letters and still nothing.

    The strange thing is....the address is identical to 2 years ago. Not just the address but the "suite" number which I'm sure is a post office box. You would think he would have to change something if everyone is getting ripped off?????

    What a piece of garbage this guy is

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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System

    I just received my letter today 10-16-06, from Adam Markham. It seems that once you have gotten on the sucker list, you just keep getting these kind of letters. Thank God I stumbled on this site while trying to find out about another sucker offer I received (Double Action Formula). So now when I get these sucker letters, I immediately check with scam.com Thanks everyone one for your input on this site. It has saved me money and has taken all the guessing out of the game.

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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System

    I just recieved a letter from Quad Systems today 12/22/08. I tried the BBB but couldn't find info on this guy.
    Than I punched the "company" into
    the search engine, what did I come up
    with? SCAM.COM. It seems like Adam
    Markham has been ripping people off for awhile now. I always try to do my
    homework because I get homebased
    business mailing everyday. I even get
    the phone calls. Thanks to SCAM.COM
    I did not throw my money away to some scum bag in NewYork. Thanks

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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System

    Just received the third "offer" from Adam Markams Quad System. This guy has been scamming folks for about five years now. Is there no regulatory system for out and out theft? If he scams you contact your Attorney General's Office. They do have a customer complaint department.


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    Re: Adam Markhams Quad System

    WOW, what luck for a change! I was getting ready to mail my first $30.00 to this scum! I forgot to mail it last night on my way home from work. I was checking my emails this A.M. and responding to a search & win email from PCH....come on you do it too! Anyway, I plugged in Adam's name & it sent me to Scam.com's page right away. I am so sorry that some of you lost $330 in these hard times, but I thank all of you for your posts that helped me hang on to my hard earned dollars. I hope this helps someone else that recieves his letter. :judges:Thanks

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