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    ProWealthSuccess.com Good or Bad?

    Hey everyone,

    I recently noticed a slew of new members promoting ProWealthSuccess.com and
    now I'm seeing ProWealthResults.com .

    While I was approving these sites in my traffic exchange system, I noticed the
    site appears to be down. So I started doing a little investigation.

    First, on a Google I happened upon this site talking about them and ProBuilderPlus and being a possible scam. http://www.drunkonlife.net/prowealth...od-or-bad.html

    Ok, so I did some checking using dnsstuff.com, and I saw what he was talking about, that the probuilderplus domain is now whois guard protected.

    They are using servers with rackspace


    Both ProWealthSuccess & ProWealthResults are using servers with above.net

    So this doesn't really tie them in together.

    Any infromation would be helpful.


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    Re: ProWealthSuccess.com Good or Bad?

    All I can say is that I was sent a message from an anonymous person who is doing this, and this person claims to be making a lot of money. I am really interested in this company, thanks for your information though, it helps to see all angles. I still have questions about this company, but from everything I've seen so far they are legitimate and pay well according to what has been told and shown to me. I'm waiting for cold hard proof though.....I want to see real money from someone who is making the money.

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    Re: ProWealthSuccess.com Good or Bad?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and I'm glad I ran across it.

    I have been in PWS for 2 months and I have made money ($432) it's not much, but considering I have only invested $69.90 and a 1 time setup fee of $35.00. This has just started and it will get better as more people see that this is one of the best payplans, all I did was send it to my list of 179 people and post some free ads. I have a downline of 35 members and over 200 preenrollees in my back office that haven't made up their minds if they want to join or they came in as 'tire kickers'. I was offered this Opportunity from a well known website on the internet so he is providing alot of spillover for my downline and their matrix will fill up. We communicate among ourselves and that helps everyone benefit.

    This is not a scam and you can make money even if you work it a little.
    Sorry I don't mean for this to sound like a sales pitch, but this is the honest truth and how it has worked for me.

    I will answer any questions anyone might have.
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